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Tankmate questions

Hi guys, longtime lurker but first time poster here. So I have one male betta (Robert-the-Bruce) right now in a 5 gallon tank, but I plan to upgrade tanks soon. I had originally just planned to move up to a 10 gal, but after seeing how cheap tanks are on Craigs List, I may go to 20 or larger. I guess I had a couple questions about possible tankmates.

First, if I bring some fish home (I was thinking several neon tetras) and put them in the tank and Robert doesn't instantly go after them as soon as he sees them, can I assume they're safe, or do I need to keep watch on the tank for quite a while?

Second, Robert really likes feeding time, and has yet to ever let food go uneaten. Would this be a problem for feeding the other fish? I don't want my betta to over-indulge himself with his roommate's food

Thanks a lot!
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Hello and welcome to FishForum. It really depends on the personality of the betta as far as how they will get along with tankmates. He may ignore the neons or he may decide they will make a good snack. I would definitely keep an eye on them. When you feed the neons and if Robert goes after their food, you may have to remove him or put him in a breeding net until the neons get fed. I hope this helps.
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Yep, what DramaQueen said. Make sure you get fish that are peaceful and won't nip his fins (Tiger Barbs will probably shred your guy). Make sure you don't get any fish that your Betta will attack, either.
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As long as your betta dosen't try to eat the tetras or their food ther shouls be fine.
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Cool, thanks a lot for the advice guys! I'll let you know how it turns out :)
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