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Purple? Congrats! I can't wait for details!
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Red body/blue fins?
Congrats! Looks tiny- must be a young fishy :)
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Black maybe? C'mon you have to tell us!!
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Presenting: THE EPIC STORY.

STORYTIME!!! Everyone gather 'round as I tell you the epic tale of my NEW BETTA. (now with pictures!!)

Today, I stood looking at a row of colorful Bettas..... wait. You need exposition. Hang on and backtrack with me.

My Betta's story begins about a week ago in Tae Kwon Do class. Specifically, the story begins with me. Doing a roundhouse kick.

I'm throwing a mean roundhouse kick and I happen to roll on my ankle, tearing the ligament and putting myself out of action for about two weeks. At length, I saw the campus doctors about it and they gave me a nifty ankle brace.


So yesterday evening, my ankle swelled up to the size of a small grapefruit. I went back to the campus doctors and coerced them into giving me crutches (despite my bad back...).

During this point in time, I was faced with a series of arguments between campus financial aid and my bank. Somewhere in there I was still mourning the loss of Tian-Tian and Taco. I decided that the moment I had some cash in my hands, I'd go buy a Betta, rain or shine, financial aid solved or not.

I wound up dropping a class today, knowing I wasn't going to do well in it (plus, I couldn't afford the bad grade, given my GPA status....). I proceeded to sell my textbook back and realized: I have money!

Mind you: I am in crutches. The bus ride is almost two hours total, from my location and back.

I decided to go for it.

So one whole trip later, I arrive at PETCO. And then I think to myself, "really, do I need this? I could use this money on groceries, or athletic tape for my ankle. Or just to have it on hand for emergencies or something...."

After a quick trip inside the nearby grocery store, I head over to Petco. I had come this far; I wasn't going to leave.

Now the story of my new Betta begins.

I stood looking at a row of colorful Bettas... and I saw a few that I had seen the last time I went to this Petco. I took a look at 'em all, decided that I was going to take a neon-colored one home. I wandered the isles of Petco, picking out a few items that I needed. I went back to the Bettas, ready to grab my neon and go... and then I paused.

There was a bright red Betta picking a fight with an ice-blue one. A second later he turned around and flared at the dingy yellow Betta behind him. One moment later he was flaring and jumping against the lid of his cup in an attempt to fight with the Betta on his right. He glanced warily at the dead Betta on his left before challenging the blue once again.

I picked up this feisty youngster and gave him a good look-over. His short fins and color turned me off at first. Red is the color of my college's biggest rival, you see. I didn't dare support my rival, no sir, no ma'am!!

But after a while of watching this youngster's fiery attitude, I felt he was the one to take home.

Then I discovered a problem: I was in crutches. Crutches require two hands. Balancing a Betta cup (without spilling or tipping him over) required an extra hand. I had traveled to Petco by myself, so I was in quite the pickle! A store worker helped me to get this Betta to the checkout counter. It was there that I deliberated what to do.

At length, it was determined that my Betta would have to ride in the outside pocket of my backpack and take a long journey with my back on the bus, with me walking at a jumpy gait due to my ankle. To avoid water spilling out, the store clerk TAPED THE TOP OF THE CUP SHUT. No oxygen for poor Betta!! I willed myself to arrive home as fast as I could.

Easier said than done.

Shortly after I got out of the store, a bus appeared. I had no sooner than begun to approach it in crutches when the fool bus driver passed me by!! I was so worried about my Betta's ability to breathe and his traveling conditions, I wanted to get home as soon as I could! The next bus driver was much more understanding and I got on that bus.

I had to catch another bus in order to get as close as I could to my dorm. Meanwhile, I discovered that half of the water had spilled out already in my backpack! After this, I held my backpack precariously in my lap, hoping the bus would stop going over every pothole in existence and stop slamming his brakes at every light!!

Some time before I got to my last stop, I happened to strike up a conversation with two handsome young men. Because I didn't want to spill any more water (poor Betta had less than an inch left!!!) I asked if theys guys could help me get upstairs to my dorm room and drop my Betta off. As awkward as this may sound, this proposition was welcome and soon thereafter I filled Tian-Tian's old tank with water and began to acclimate my new Betta.

He's had quite the adventure with me, but he's turned out all right so far.

May I present the most eye-catching, arrogant male Betta you'll ever meet (though otherwise vaguely handsome), CINDER!!!

This is Cinder. He's a happy Betta. And I'm happy too!

I named him Cinder for a few reasons: LOOK AT THAT RED COLOR. He's really that red.

Two: I've been working on a Betta webcomic for some time now. I've got plenty of pages, but I've put it on hold due to college. It's a great story; I just need time to finish it.
Cinder will be my reminder; that's the name of my main character.

So YAY! Celebration ensues!
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Great story!!! He's so pretty! I love the bright red. It sounds like he's got a great personality.
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That's great! You write the most amazing stories xD Sounds like everything was quite the adventure.
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Old 09-16-2009, 09:36 AM   #37 
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Thanks, y'all!! :) Cinder is doing well this morning.

Though I'm looking at his anal fin and I'm noticing an odd appendage... parasites? I hope not!!
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Old 09-16-2009, 09:41 AM   #38 
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Oh, I hope not!
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Old 09-16-2009, 09:44 AM   #39 
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Ahhh, yep they are parasites.

Doesn't look terribly serious yet, but I'll see what I can do.

First, what the heck do I do?
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Old 09-16-2009, 09:52 AM   #40 
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Congrats! That was an epic story, lol. He's really beautiful. Sorry about the parasites though, I wish I could help, but I've never dealt with them. Hope someone else can wake up and help you. Must be something about bright red bettas, because Ember is still working on re growing his fins. Hope he can get better!
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