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Old 09-12-2009, 11:31 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Boca Raton, Fl.

So when i got my first two betta, Desmond and Freckles, i never expected much, just 2 pretty fish that sit there and eat pellets. Well i was very wrong. I can not believe the difference in personality in all my fish. Its amazing. Its like they are people! So i thought it would be a good thread idea to share and discuss each of our fish's personalities! It will be cool to compare them to each others.

Desmond (VT Male): Happiest fish EVER, he swims around like hes never gunna swim again. He gets SO excited whenever my girlfriend or i go up to the tank and put our fingers on the glass. He wiggles so hard it looks like he wants to jump out on us haa. I trained him to jump and eat food off my finger in just a few days, and now he even lets me pet him on the head! Hes such a happy fish, hes what really got me addicted to these betta :)

Freckles (VT Female): Another VERY happy fish, i got her the same time i got Desmond. This girl is almost exactly like desmond, maybe siblings haha, She is always excited. And especially when there are other fish around her. she wants to spawn like its her day job. Nearly constant breeding stripes and even some attempted bubbles nests haha.... very small. She gets so worked up she gets so tired and just floats at the top after swimming like crazy.Shes also always trying to squish herself into tight spots haha. Adorable.

Smokey/Sawyer... (havnt decided) DT Male: I dont know to much about my DT. It seems like hes almost cocky. He knows hes the most handsome one of the group or something. He doesnt really give me the time of day, just eats and swims! Im treating him for fin rot now so, maybe thats it... but hes no longer lethargic... but still very stand-off-ish compared to the others... Hopefully after i get him into a permanent home hell be able to grow some personality along with some new fins :) Hes VERY beautiful :)

Pearl/Peach/Penny? (havnt completely decided, cuz i just got her) (CT Female): My most recent addition to the crew. Shes very unlike my others. She is stealthy and likes to hide and almost camouflage herself. Its almost like she can tell im watching some times. If i come up to the tank she will STOP in her tracks and just sit there still as can be. Then if i look the other way shell dart somewhere, and sit there still! Its so freakin cute she then some times hides in her plant and just pokes her head out same with her terra cotta pot.

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Haha, nice idea! I have 4 female VTs.

Bambi: She's sooo cute. The day after I got her, she swam up to greet me. But now that I've added other girls I notice she's also quite a scardy cat. She runs to hide in the pot with the dwarf hairgrass and then pop out and look at me as if saying "Is the coast clear yet? " She's my favourite, though I feel kind of guilty saying so.

Lolita: Very much like Bambi, but more reserved. I think they're sisters. Seems to be slightly less afraid. I've seen her approach my big girl a few times now.

Aigis: Oooh man. I've had her for a day and a half and she's a firecracker! She's pretty and she knows it. First day she was swimming like crazy against her reflection. She chases the girls, then she'll come and flare at me, like "you want some of this?!" No doubts that she's the dominant female.

Big girl: I STILL haven't thought of a name for her, lol. She's a gentle giant, though. Kinda reminds me of a lost puppy. She follows Bambi and Lolita around curiously, which freaks them out because she's huge. When she catches up, she just stares at them until they escape. Stands her ground against Aigis, but mostly she relaxes at the bottom and minds her own business.

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I like this!

Tango, my one and only. I picked him out because he was so lively at the store. All the other bettas were just hanging there. He was swimming around, trying to keep me in view. He's grouchy! He patrols all day long. The wall is suspect! Cords? Suspect! Dog? Suspect! TV? The very devil! He flares at imaginary threats. He hits my fingers if I'm fooling around in his new tank too long.
But when I feed him? Docile dude. He comes up and looks at me... waiting. He stares at me when I'm at my desk... waiting. He comes to the top... hoping. He lets me reach for him and isn't at all afraid of me.

As I write this, he's patrolling and flaring at the wall behind the aquarium. But every now and then he comes to the corner and stares at me and I wave. It's close to dinner time.
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Old 09-12-2009, 05:25 PM   #4 
crowntail lover
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Location: Sweat homeeee Kentucky! :]
I loved reading this post!! :p
I would type mine.. But lord! I have so many Betta;s!! hehe
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Rain Drop
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Oooo, nice thread!


He is my very first fish ever xD I never expected any fish to have much of a personality but he proved me wrong. He's very hyper and is a complete spazz! He wiggles around like crazy when I approach the tank or when I come home from work and turn the lights on x3 Even if he's in a spazzy mood he'll stop immediately the moment I reach my hand to the top of the tank. And if I have food he jump for it before I even drop it into the water! He flares at almost everything these days too and he gets very curious. When I put some new stones into his tank he wouldn't stop staring at them xD He also makes the biggest bubble nests right before a WC ;3


I just got him about a week ago and up until yesterday he was quite ill, so I can't quite tell what his personality is like now. He's still very young too. So far he's very shy and is scared of everything....but I don't mind, I'm just glad he's eating now<3 His fav spot is right by the heater, but he's starting swim more now. He hasn't flared once, even when I put a mirror up. He just stares at it then swims in the opposite direction =P
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Old 09-12-2009, 08:00 PM   #6 
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Moon - Opaque VT. My first, he is a scaredy cat, and likes to hide by the heater. He is swimming more and more in the open everyday. However he doesn't flare unless I place him in front of a mirror and actually turn him to face it. He looks really really pretty all flared out.
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Old 09-12-2009, 08:33 PM   #7 
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Location: Worcester MA
This thread is adorable!

My first betta, he was so silly when I first got him. He would flair at few colored marbles I threw in with the gravel. Now he's the old man of my fish. I think he was much older when I got him than I originally thought though, but he still loves to flair! I just divided him into my 5gal with Shiny today and he's been showing off to her nonstop... pervy old man!

My adorable little sweetie! He was so shy and skittish when I first got him! Now he's my little red/purply-blue hellion (who is uber-pissed about being in a smaller container while he's being treated for fungus). He's also very energetic compared to Fishstick and loves playing in the filter current.

The most recent addition. She's my tiny little baby girl! But man is she a flirt! She loved it when her bowl was between Button's tank and Fishstick's bowl and now she has Fishstick divided into the tank with her. If she weren't so light, I bet she'd be all barred up by now. Every time Fishstick moves away from the divider for a rest, Shiny starts nosing the divider and poking it with her nose and flairing to get his attention again (and then plays hard to get when he comes back). She's such a little tart!

<3 Loves my fishybabies!!!<3
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Location: Illinois
Rowan - He's a pretender, lol. He acts all tough and when I go up to him, he'll start flaring and swimming fast, but after a couple of seconds he's a softy. He also tries to impress Britton all the time. If he's on the same side that Britton's tank is, he's always flaring. He's very territorial too.

Bray - I've realized that she is an older fish. She's less active than Bray, but seems content with her own tank. She got along with the danios when I had them with her, but I think she prefers it without them. Loves her cave!

Britton - The little girl. She's a very happy fish. She loves her zebra danios, they all swim together. She's the gentle fish, very active, and loves to check out Rowan.

Fish - Don't know much about him yet just got him yesterday. Seems to like the bigger space.
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Old 09-12-2009, 08:44 PM   #9 
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Interesting thread!

Sparky: Sparky used to sleep in the mountian and float then if I got out of bed he would flare and swim realy fast around the tank.He then would go back to sleep mid swim. Thats about all I remember about Sparky. R.I.P Sparky

Clyde: Clyde seemed to think he was a T.V. critic. If he liked the show he would beg for food like a dog. But if I chanded the channel while he was watching something he liked or if he didn't like the show he would flare and have a fishy panic attack. Some times while Clyde was sleeping he would just drift around. When he slept in his shell Clyde ocsionaly when he woke up he would forget he was in the shell and try to come get his food with the shell on his back. When first put him in the tank he did not seem to understand what the mountain was or that he was in a tank. He swam through the mountian realy fast and crashed into the side of the tank a few times, then he just swam arount the edges of the tank crashing all the way around. He was a very funny fishey. =))) R.I.P. Clyde

Mr. McFish: All I've realy seen Mr. McFish do is drift in his sleep and flare when I come into the room or if the space shuttle goes overhead. (The double sonic boom from when the shuttle landed yesterday almost shook my laptop off my desk into my lap it is so loud! Last time it nocked me down because it scared me while I was puting on my pants in the morning.=p) Long live Mr. McFish!
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Location: Canada
Hahah! Awesome Thread :)

Shota: He always has been such a silly fish :3 When I first got him he would zig-zag across the tank when I came home from anywhere as if to welcome me back or to ask for food lol. He'd also start dancing when he saw me looking at him in his tank from across my bedroom while I sat at my computer, as if to say "Hey! Hey! Come look with me!" He'd always go nuts and fly around his tank when I started talking to him too. He never used to flare unless I put a mirror up to him, but ever since he got fin rot ): he's been more prone to do it on his own (my sister also did harass him a lot at one point, so I think whenever someone sticks there face too close, he just flares) . He's also less energetic... but that's mostly because he doesn't swim in his big tank anymore since he's always stuck in his hospital tank... But he builds ginormous bubble nests for me every day and sits there proudly whenever I lean in to say Hi to him from inside his hospital tank.

Aros: My poor sickly HM Prince. He's unfortunately has had constant health problems ever since I got him. But he's holding up! If only he weren't such a scardy cat and stress himself out, he wouldn't be so sick... But he's seriously got a royal attitude when it comes to food. He'll only ever shown any aggression to his food when it's blood worms, but otherwise has very delicate and polite table manners when he comes to food, gently sucking up flakes from the surface in an elegant manner. It also meaning if it sinks, he's not going to eat it. It's like the 5 second rule; if it's sunk to the bottom, it's gone forever. He however will not eat pellets. If I sprinkle a few in his tank he'll immediately swim over to the side closest to me and glare as if going "You expect me to eat that trash?!"

Kyu: My first female. When I got her she was very small and sick, and scared of everything. Now? She's a strange combination between a calm and collective kind of fish, but so extremely crazy daring. Like, she won't run and hide if I stick my hand in the tank and often comes to investigate, usually also include her taking a nip or two of my hand. I've also dubbed her the kamikaze fish since she loves to just leap out of the water when I go to feed her from the tiny feeding hatch on the side of my tank. And did I mention smart? I've taught her a few tricks (like the jumping) that she has taken advantage of. Once she accidentally jumped into her neighbor's side of the tank and just after that one time she realized "oh, I can do that?" and made many attempts to do it again with many successes. Once she did it overnight and attacked her neighbor. But I've taken steps to prevent it from happening again, so lets hope I've outsmarted the fish >_<;... I will however note, Kyu is not a morning fish. If I wake her up too early, she'll groggily swim around, often bumping into things x3 so cute.

Nya: Cute, curious and playful Nya. Like a little underwater kitty, she'll play with everything! Like her neighbor Kyu, I've taught her to jump, but she's not so good at it at all! Usually if I dangle food a few centimeters from the surface, it'll take several attempts before she actually gets it... or so many I just give it to her for all her best efforts. She'll often sit there in the corner of her tank, watch my computer screen while I play games and surf the internet. I think she especially likes :P Since she always comes to investigate whenever she seems this blue window on my computer.
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