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Old 09-12-2009, 09:13 PM   #11 
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What an awesome thread idea
I'll just do the boys, I doubt you all want to read about all 8 of my bettas

Sasuke: My first guy, got him at a craft store a while back....he was the only blue one and the most active. He definitely lives up to his namesake(a character in one of my favorite animes), hes grumpy, thinks hes the coolest, wants to get at everything but is smarter then to flare at his reflection, and has a horrible temper. He'll eat from my fingers, but he has to rip them away from me and be all aggressive, definitely not the slightest bit afraid of anything. Its's totally hilarious and I love him to bits <3

Supernova: Oh gosh....I think hes a little mental. He flares at EVERYTHING, even me. When I just sit there, he'll flare at me like I'm another male betta...but hes a total scaredy cat. I'll look over the tanks as I'm walking into the room and he totally freaks....then comes up to flare at me. He can be sweet though, he'll eat bloodworms from my fingers and everything....likes to swim around my hand during water changes, like hes monitoring what I'm doing, but he won't nip at me. A very odd little character.

Smore: My newest guy, and my baby. Couldn't leave him at the pet store, he was too beautiful. He's extremely sweet, always watching what I'm doing...and wiggles his body at the glass like he wants to get out and lick me like a puppy! He'll nibble at me if I put my hand in and take food from my fingers, warmed up to me pretty quickly. I can't wait to get him into a new tank....I think he'll love exploring it
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Old 09-13-2009, 02:18 AM   #12 
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ah- my Little Lulu is petite but thinks she's huge. She hunts live ghost shrimp when i put them in there. She picks on her roommate Mollie (there's no blood- she just pokes him) and he is twice her size. She's an active swimmer and just patrols all day looking for things to do and if i get close to the tank she comes over and just stares and checks me out. I used to have to walk away when i fed her because she was too busy checking me out to eat. Now she competes with Mollie for food and will stuff herself if i'm not careful, but the flake food is also making her super shiny. Also she will tear pieces off her plant and chase them like how cats play. I'm glad i got her real plants so she can do that.
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Old 09-13-2009, 08:08 AM   #13 
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OK here goes.

Jello: A nut, always happy. Will jump at anything and everything, will eat anything and everything. He loves to flare. He doesn't seem to know he has only a teeny bit of tail fin! He just loves life like nothing else (Oh, except Blood Worms )

Well I gotta go, I'll finish this later. :)
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Old 09-13-2009, 01:45 PM   #14 
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Oh, boy. Here we go...

Deimos- The quiet boy of the family, but also the most aggressive. He hates all fish, and pretty much everything else. He's bitten me a few times when I've fed him, but that's okay :P He loves to sleep in his castle, which I find adorable. He's also an incredible jumper! He jumps four to five times a night. It's getting me worried xD He's a crowntail.

Ace- A giant, red veiltail, who I think is my favorite :P He's the sweet guy of the bunch. He only flares at my finger, and only barely at that. His tail is very nasty, but its not because of finrot or anything like that... it's just nasty. He plays "chase the finger" the best, and will follow my finger all over the tank. He also loves to bite the toothbrush I use to scrape the bubbles off the side of the tank after a water-change. He's very paranoid in small quarters, and has ripped his own tail once when feeding (he used to chase his tail when I was feeding him...)

Sherbet- My beauty. He's an orange crowntail that is beautiful and knows it. He's the flaring king, and will flare at everything when the light goes on. He's also very curious. If I stick my finger in his tank to test the water, he'll swim over, even if it's the middle of the night and he was sleeping. (: He plays "chase the finger", but he's not very good xD

Nereus- My only doubletail, who's had quite a bit of bad luck. He was in a split 5.5 gallon with Dei, but Dei got through the divider somehow and attacked him. Lucky for Nereus, he was the better fighter (Bad luck for Dei, who almost died). Since then he had very cloudy water and cold, too. Thankfully, I've been able to get him a heater, and since then, he's come to life. He loves everything. He's a big, gentle giant. While my other bettas attack the food when it's time to eat, he'll take his time and eat it slowly. He also plays "chase the finger". I don't know him as well, since he's across the room, but I love him anyways (:

Vulcan- The most hyper of my fish, he's always moving. He's still relatively small, and definitely still growing. He's a delta dragon. A big sweetie, he loves to watch me when I type. He also loves to sleep in his castle.

Devin- The big baby of the group. He acts like he's tough, but if you put a finger up there, he's gone. He's the most aggressive when he's eating though, and he hates to see other bettas. He's pretty much a spazz, who will swim into the tank walls for about five minutes, before giving up. Then, ten minutes later, he'll be at it again (:

And, that's all XD I'll probably be getting another later. Hopefully a halfmoon!
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Old 09-13-2009, 04:27 PM   #15 
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im glad this thread was a hit! i love reading all about you all's betta!!
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Old 09-13-2009, 05:21 PM   #16 
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Location: In the middle of no where (PA)
Ok I'm finishing this!!

Sammy marshwiggle: He is such a sweet boy. :) He is my oldest betta, and largest. He loves to eat. :) If you talk to Sammy, he will just stay at the front of the tank and make big fishy lips. Hehe. my brother walked by when I was talking to Sammy and he was like "You have GOT to be kidding me...." I was just like... He stresses VERY easily!!!!!!!!!!

Pax: He is my crazy little guy!! A tail biter... He was one of the last ones left at the store. I'm glad I got him, he is such a cutie! He has stunning blue eyes and has a trick where he jumps for blood worms. It's sooooo cute. We also have a game where he chases my finger then bites it.

Rune: my only CT. He was just a baby when I got him, and it has been awesome to watch him grow and mature! He is VERY impressive when he flares!!!! He is everyone's favorite. When someone sees my fish, they always ooh and ahh over Rune. :)

VarroWolf: Ahh, my little rescue!! I got him from walmart, partially not expecting him to do well, but he is bright and colorful now! He eats his food like it is his last meal!! He was very sickly looking when I got him. Now he is a vivid little guy!!! my friend helped me name him because she said he looked like a little wolf, and I picked the name Varro because it means Strong.

Clypso: Clypso is such a beauty. :) I saw him at petco...and just grabbed his cup. The rest is history! Every day when I'm talking to him he starts flaring and showing off for me! He is such a show off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He only eats mini pellets and bloodworms. Picky picky. :)
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Old 09-13-2009, 06:24 PM   #17 
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Jaden-He's very easy going and doesn't get stressed out when I do water changes. He likes to show off because he knows he's pretty. lol
Rusty-Rusty is very active and friendly. He loves to sleep under his bridge.
Makoto-He was a little shy when I first got him but he's very friendly now. He's a good bubblenest builder when he's inclined to blow one.
Yerakina-She's my oldest and biggest female. She's always been very active and friendly.She jumps sometimes when I don't drop the food fast enough for her liking.
Reina-She's my new little crowntail girl. She doesn't like water changes and gets stress stripes. She's very active.
Blue Bonnet- She's very active and friendly and likes to sleep behind her plant.
Nina- She doesn't much care for water changes either and will get stress stripes. She's very active and friendly.
Merlot- Merlot has chronic sbd and usually just floats at the top but he tries to swim to the bottom. Occaisionally, he can get to the bottom and sleep there.
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