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Old 10-21-2013, 10:20 PM   #11 
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My prize betta Lawrence who should be my profile pic if it worked was rescued... He was at the brink of death and I brought him back... He was probably 14 in human years. He was on his side and I bought him at that instant. Now, he is big, strong, smart(he does tricks and always moves towards his heater when it gets cold) and has grown from the undernourished little helpless hurt longing fish to the 7.5 inch (yes he is MASSIVE and he is a betta splenden not one of those others I have been reading about that are bigger) handsome, multicolored betta that now lives happily in his tank! I dare say I made him happy! :D If only all sick bettas could be able to make a comeback like this!
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Fishie The Betta
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problem with places like that is that even though you want to save them you cant.. you have to leave them to die so that everyone sees it and will refuse to purchase them.

if you purchase them to "rescue" them the store will restock and do the same thing; creating an endless cycle. its the same concept as puppy mills, but its fish mills.
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@roland - well done! I hope more people will do what you did!

@fishie - unfortunately, you are right about that... if there will be low demand for them, the store might discontinue their sale, but its so hard to watch them just die for nothing.
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Reference Team
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Believe me, buying one isn't going to make them restock, and leaving dead ones on the shelves isn't going to prevent people from buying the healthy ones. Saving one is only doing good for that fish and the consequences, if any, would be minimal.
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