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Red face Fancy guppies + betta? cardinal tetras?

I recently moved one of my bettas to a new 10 gallon tank. He loves it -- its heavily planted with some beautiful plants from the LFS -- water sprite, dwarf hairgrass, apongeton, rotala, vesuvius, and a gorgeous magenta telanthera.

He has a group of 8 pygmy cories living with him, but they're itty bitty (and so is he, compared to other bettas imo) and the tank just looks so empty!

So I was trying to figure out some other potential tankmates to add -- aq advisor says I still have quite a bit of stocking room to work with. I wanted to add some fish that will give a bit more color to the tank.

Much to my surprise, the LFS keeps fancy guppies in with male bettas in 10 gallon planted display tanks. I LOVE fancy guppies, but I was always under the impression this was a bad idea since they can be mistaken for another male betta. They're generally incredibly knowledgeable there, and the guy assured me that it works out fine with the right betta in a planted tank.

Is this untrue? Can it work? He's a really docile guy who leaves even tiny baby shrimp alone. I also considered cardinal tetras, but I've heard they can be nippy.

I'd love to hear some thoughts, and any suggestions for potential colorful tankmates I may not have considered.
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I have a male in with my guppies.
He gets along fine, no flaring, chasing, or nipping from either side. he was floated in a bag in their tank over night, not sure if it helped or not.
My boy is pretty mellow though. I wouldn't try it with a feisty guy.

i've heard tetras can be nippy, too. but i've also seen them kept together with bettas without issue. so..up to you if you want to try it or not. don't forget to quarantine.

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