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Old 10-23-2013, 10:18 PM   #1 
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Oklahoma
Help stock my 2.5gal?

I'm going to renovate it to an NPT with just one male. If it works out, I'll do the same with my 10s and use the 2.5 for just shrimp, just snails, or just plants. But anyway..for now, I need help stocking it for the male Betta in it.

Of course, Hart will be in it. I have a list of 10 plants all about the same size and light requirements. I was thinking pick 5-6 of does that sound? Mostly though, I want those burrowing snails, but don't know how many I should get? And I might try a shrimp or three, but I'm not sure which kind, how many, etc. Really, I'm just not sure on anything. I've never done a NPT before, and I'm especially worried about doing one so small that will have a Betta in it (for a little while anyway.)

I have gone through the community tank section, the NPT section, and the bowl/2.5 gallon section.
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burrowing snails? You mean MTS? I'd say you only need 1 or 2.

Bettas are known to eat shrimp, so I wouldn't do anything that cost too much. Maybe 1 ghost shrimp, see how it does? Though honesstly I'm sure your boy would like having it to himself(the mts will be hidden most of the time xD).

You don't want to over crowd him, make sure he has room to swim and that all the plants can get light. :3
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Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Oklahoma
I definitely don't want to crowd him too much. He'll only be in this tank a few more weeks and I really want to try a NPT in something small before I fork over my paycheck to do a large NPT, but I don't want to squish him in the meantime.
I was thinking trumpet snails because they aerate the soil, but apparently they breed like crazy. Would assassin snails be better? They don't aerate the soil do they?

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Reference Team
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Assassin snails actually do burrow and aerate soil, but they cost to much to seriously use them as a soil aerator in the average tank.

I like MTS, and they don't actually reproduce all that quickly if you don't over feed.
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