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what type of shrimp?

Okay, I'm going out to get some shrimp today, but I am not sure what kind.
I currently have a 15 gallon all set up and cycled and I am ready to add fish. I was thinking to get a male betta, 4 shrimp, 2 nerite snails and possibly a shoal of neon's or endler. But I am not sure if I even want more fish in it.

But now I am not sure what type of shrimp to get.
I read that ghost shrimp (palaemonetes paludosus) can be agressive (how large do they get anyway?) and might hurt any smaller fish (like endlers or neons) that I would put in with them. And also they can hurt the betta, or the betta will eat them. I don't want any of that to happen.

So I was thinking amano shrimp (cardinia japonica/multidentata) might be a good choice, less agressive and large. But I also saw comments of people that amano shrimp get eaten by the betta.

And finally I found that a lot of people were recommending mini amano shrimp or red cherry shrimp, but again. they also tend to get eaten by the betta.

So what would be a good choice of shrimp if I don't want them to become expensive lunch for my (future) betta. Most betta here are kept in community tanks, so most of the time they aren't very agressive. But just to make sure I don't end up with a shrimp massacre (or neon/endler massacre) what would you guys recommend?

ghost shrimp
amano or mini amano shrimp
or red cherry shrimp?
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Old 10-24-2013, 05:29 AM   #2 
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Shrimp are extremely sensitive so whether they are killed by Bettas or simply dead by some other cause and then eaten is the question. I've read a lot of reports of Bettas eating shrimp but never reports of seeing them actually killing one that was healthy.

Shrimp are pretty fast and I've had them with six different Bettas with no Betta-caused deaths. Bettas simply can't catch them. They can be on the other side of the tank before the Betta blinks (well, if they had eye lids). And I've never seen an Amano injure a Betta. Although my CPO (Dwarf Orange Crayfish...tiny little things) did grab Little Willie by the tail and took a ride around their section of the tank. No damage to either. But Little Willie doesn't poke that CPO any more.

That being said, know your Betta's personality. If he's aggressive, he may not directly kill any shrimp but the stress of being chased/hunted might. Also, make sure any tank with shrimp and a predator has a lot of hides; both plants and caves or driftwood. Also moss.

Shrimp need a mature tank for optimum life quality; a newly-cycled tank won't do it. They eat algae so you might have to supplement feed; if there's enough algae present in your tank you won't have to.

I have Red Cherry, Blue Velvet, Yellow Shrimp and Amanos with Endlers, Pygmy Cories, CPO and Bettas with no problems. But I have a heavily planted and divided aquarium and when one of the Betta's is feeling his oats, the little guys have places to hide or slip through the divider holes to another, more peaceful section of the tank.

Amanos are more "outoing" than dwarf shrimp like RCS; but they are notorious for finding a way to get out so make sure the lid is tight if you get those. There are reports on another forum of finding an Amano walking along a cabinet or on the floor!

Since Ghosties are sold as "feeders," they haven't been raised in optimum conditions so may not live very long.

Dwarf shrimp like RCS are more shy and you won't see them as much unless you have a "moonlight" setting.

Oh, and drop the food at the very front of the tank so you can see the inverts come out to feed. I feed the Bettas and Nano fish first and by the time I'm finished, the inverts are heading to the feeding area.

I'm sure you probaby know a lot of this but someone else reading might not. Hope it isn't TMI.

And welcome to the Forum!
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I've never had a Betta eat a shrimp. RC shrimp reach about 4 cm (1.5 in) so I think unless the shrimp are really young there shouldn't be a problem if you are smart about it.


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Old 10-24-2013, 09:01 AM   #4 
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I guess I am one of the few that had an evil female that decided shrimp were snacks. I watched her catch and eat one not long after being introduced to the tank. She also attacked anything that moved sooo it may just be my fish was weird lol.
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Were there lots of hides? Or was the tank fairly open? People who keep shrimp with predators stress heavy cover and a Betta's level of aggression determine whether shrimp will survive.
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I had both RCS and ghosties in with my betta (at different times) and the ghosties were hardier and more fun to keep, not to mention less expensive. They never went after my betta's fins, and did silly and amusing things, like this.
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I keep amano shrimp with my sorority with no problems, but 2 days ago I added 2 cherry shrimps for more color. To make a long story short my girls love eating cherry shrimps and don't mind the amanos at all. Lol
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Thanks for all your replies! I decided to get amano shrimp. :)

@RussellTheShihTzu: I know it's better to have a mature tank before you add shrimp, because they are more sensitive to changes in the water. But I've been carefully been monitoring my water and it seems stable enough. I've kept brineshrimp and tadpole shrimp before so I have some idea what I can and can't get away with.

And to be honest, I just really wanted something in my tank and I am not able to get fish yet, so I figured that I will let the shrimp get in there first. Since there are quite a few brown leaves in there and some algae, and I do have algae wafers so can feed them.

My tank is quite planted. In the back I have some elodea and hornwort, on a piece of drifwood I have mini java fern, there's java moss on the rocks and I also have mini ludwigia in there, and a few fake plants around the filter. there are quite a few hiding spots.

I ended up getting five amano shrimp, because they seemed really cool and they grow a little larger which I like.
I've slowly let them adjust to my aquarium and as soon as I put them in they went exploring and eating, very fun to watch. But the last few hours they've spent polishing my piece of driftwood, all of them. And I wonder, does driftwood (I think it's mopani) have some kind of attraction to them?
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I've had bettas that ignored shrimp, I've had bettas who've bitten them in half with a smug die you invader die look. It all depends on the betta. Perfectly healthy, you're in my way... CHOMP. The question is are you okay with the possibility any shrimp you buy might become snacks?
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I love my Amanos. You'll really enjoy them.

The appeal of the driftwood may be algae you can't see. Amanos are known as the greatest of algae cleaners.

Have fun!

BTW, I figured you knew most of what I wrote.
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