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Fishless Cycle - Slightly foggy/murky water???

Hi there,

I'm on day 20 of a fishless cycle for my 5 gallon tank, and I've got a question. The water is starting to appear a slight bit foggy and has been for a few days. This'll probably sound odd, but it looks the way water would if you had drank a glass of milk, then filled the glass back up with water - just very very slightly foggy white. At this stage in our cycle the nitrates have begun to show and have risen to a level of 1 ppm. The water has not been changed or disturbed since the beginning of the cycle, and nothing new has been added to the tank except ammonia to keep feeding the cycling process.

Does anyone know if I should be concerned about this, or if this is just par for the course? Any idea what I should do if it is something to be concerned about? Thanks again, very excited to have my betta's new home all finished!
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Its an ammonia spike. You're almost cycled when this happens. This is what the nitrifying bacteria will eat when they colonise your tank. Since there are no fish, just kick back and let it take care of itsself. Congrats :)
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Assuming the tank has a filter and the filter has not been replaced recently or cleaned in water other than dechlorinated water ,or old aquarium water,, It is likely a bacteria bloom (good thing).Iif you are recording nitrAtes as opposed to nitrites or ammonia twelve hours after adding ammonia, then The tank is close to being safe for the addition of fish (small and very few in 5 gal)
If after twelve hours of adding ammonia your test kit shows no ammonia or nitrites for three consecutive days,and nitrAtes continue to rise, then a 50 percent water change using Full function water conditioner such as PRIME for the new water,, will be needed before adding fish (small fish, and very few.)
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