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Wink This is a fun thread - tell a special story about your betta or bettas

OKay I will start.

When I first started university I was pretty depressed and lonely as I am quite shy and it is not easy for me to make friends. I was fortunately allowed to have pets...I set forth to the petstore looking for the perfect first dorm room pet. I thought a fish would be great! This is when I found my very first betta....Shinigami! I snatched him quickly, he was so stunning. I bought a 0.5 gal betta starter tank and off I went. From that day on I spoiled him SO MUCH...he was my company and my bestest roomie! He loved attention and I would take him and set him beside the TV when I wasn't studying, I think the moving pictures and colors amused him. If anyone else came near he would flare, but not at me, strange how bettas seem to recognize their owners. Every weekend I went home, and I spoiled him so much that I took him with me...He didn't mind the drive it was only a half an hour. I couldn't leave him behind!

That summer I took him home with me and was planning a bigger tank for him...and that's when the tragedy hit. I left him with my grandmother to look after because I had to go away. She had experience with fish before, but when she changed the water it turned out the tap water in my town was not good that week and even with treatment it was not suitable for fish. My grandmother didn't know and unfortunately changed the water for her fish and mine. I got home and he was very ill, I was so sad. He passed away the next day, but I will never forget my very first betta! I even still have his tank :)

Now it is your turn to share :)
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I've told this story but I'll tell it again. Just before I got my first betta, a neighbor was given one for her birthday 5 years ago. It died a week later so she decided to replace it. I was with her when she bought Buddy. I held his cup on the way home and as I was looking at him, he looked right back at me! I kept him when my neighbor went to Florida for a month. At that time, I knew NOTHING about bettas and saw him laying on the bottom of his vase. I thought he was sick so I went online and did some research. I found out that he needed his water changed regularly and needed to be fed more than my neighbor was feeding him. When she came back from Florida, I tried to tell her how to properly take care of a betta. She responded by saying "he's not made of gold, he can easily be replaced. I'm not going to fool with him. He'll have his water changed once a month!" I kept him for her 3 times and all three times, she wouldn't come and get him...I had to carry him home. Well, the third time, I decided if she wants him, she can come over and get him herself. She never did take him home. She ended up giving him to me. That was the best thing she could have done for him and for me. Buddy turned out to be one of the best pets I have ever had. He had a great personality and used to jump for his food.When he was dying, whenever I would talk to him, he would barely move his little caudal fins as if to acknowledge me. Like he knew I was there. I would sit and talk to him and he looked like he understood everything I said!! I got my "other" first betta shortly after the first time I kept Buddy. Buddy was truely a special little guy and I'll always love him and miss him.

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