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Should I be worried?

So I've had Alexander-the-Great for about a week or so now, prob more like a week and a half. Anyway today I noticed he seems to have a swollen area where his first two bottom fins are, it seems red around the swelling too. He's swimming and everything like usual he seems perfectly normal except for some swelling. He has some tankmates, a small school of neon tetras who don't bother him and a plecostomous who also doesn't bother him. Anyway should I be worried, should I treat him or should I leave him be because it's nothing?
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Alright so I went to the pet shop I work at, (I'm only a cashier so I know a lot reguarding fish but I don't know everything.) Anyway I spoke with the guy that knows pretty much everything about every type of fish from their origins to what they need to what they can be put in with even what diseases look like. Anyway I spoke with him about why Alexander looked swollen and red under his belly. He told me that Alexander had internal bleeding due to be sucked up to the side of the filter. He told me that if he's swimming perfectly normal than it's nothing to really worry about and treat with myacin, just a few drops. A good thing to do to prevent hi getting sucked up is to get a crab sponge cut a hole in it and slip it over the filter.

Alexander is doing fine, he's swimming, eating ect. I added in some black and white skirt tetras into his tank today while the bag was aclimating in the tank he flared really big and made a big to do about it, but after they were in the tank he left em be. His personality is really showing too, whenever the tetras are playing and swimming about Alexander will randomly float up from the bottom behind a log and sort of float there by them then try and join in on the games. Things are going pretty good
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That's good that everything is fine now :3
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