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Loving my tank

So I've begun making my 10 gallon perfect. It started out with only 2 fishies, a plecostmus and my Alexander the Great(my crowntail betta) I bought them on a whim but when I saw Alexander I instantly knew I had to have him. At any rate I've slowly been building his tank and adding some friends. After I got Alex the next fishies to join were a small school of 4 neon tetras then I recently added 2 black skirt and 2 white skirt tetras and a rather heafty log for Clown(my pleco) to hide in during the day, though he's still partial to his ship. At any rate today I decided to also add some plants which I've wanted to do for awhile. I got an aqua fern today and a Myorio(i think) water plants. There are still 2 plastic plants which will stay till Im sure they'll live/grow. I hope it goes well :) I'll post a photo once my camera charges
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Sounds nice!!!

FYI, the pleco will get WAY to big for that tank. I would find him a home when he starts to grow.
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Yeah I know the pleco will outgrow the tank, he'll get to be like 2 feet long if I heard correctly but right now he's still small. I have a 30 gallon which I'm working on which he'll probably move to once I've filled the cracks and set it up.

At any rate, I have a small update on my little aquarium. I turned the bubble wand off and the fish have settled considerably. Alexander settled ito a plant which he loves to just sit in and watch everything happen, he also seems to have gotten territorial of it and will chase the skirt tetras off. I'm not sure but I think I lost a neon last night. I usually count them to make sure they're all there but at some point instead of 4 neons, I only have 3. :( At any rate things are still good
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