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Feeding betta with live fruit flies?

You can buy a fruit fly culture on amazon. Its intended for small reptiles and fish. Do you guys think it would be good diet for betta. Anybody tried it?
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In terms of 'live' food Bettas are carnivorous and love meats but usually stick to baby shrimp or brine shrimp or specifically good for them and their stomach sizes are bloodworms. Each Betta is different, so test fruit flies for your fish and if they show any signs of difference; extra flaring, weird coloration on scales, bump where the stomach area is or diffrence in the consistancy, quantity, frequency and coloration of their feces, then fruit flies aren't for your fish!! And again use the fruit flies like you would with the shrimp and worms, 2-3 times a week as a treat for your fish NOT an everyday diet!!

Love and best of luck,
Simi and Mali <3
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Fruit flies should be fine. It's a more natural diet since bettas have the upturned mouth designed to take food from the surface of the water. Flies that have fallen on the top of the water would be a natural component of the diet. In addition, they are very lightweight and small, ideal for a gentle meal.

- Bess
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Agreed. Fruit Flies are completely fine for bettas.
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