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Nice :)
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Beautiful girls...I had no trouble with my six girls. I was really lucky. The only problem is I WANT MORE OF THEM! LOL They are just so elegant and the funny thing is I never use to pay any attention to the female bettas until I started reading about them on here. Now I'm in love with them like the males! I wish I had done my work tank in a sorority and may eventually change it over!!
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Since I'll be having 2 10gal tanks, I was considering making the 2nd 10gal tank for a sorority. How many girls should I include in a 10gal tank and would it be best if I quarantine them for a week or two in glass bowls close to each other (to get used to each other).. like rotate them around each day? I was just curious on the best option to get them used to each other rather than putting them in the tank at once and hope for the best?
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I'll be starting a sorority later on this week! :D I got one AB female coming to me on wednesday, and I'll be buying two or three females tomorrow :) Very excited.
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I have a 25 cycled, planted and ready. I have 7 girls, and 2 on the way that should be here tomorrow. But, I also have a problem. Two of the three girls in the divided 2.5 tank got in with each other this AM and one had some pretty torn up fins. She is laying on the bottom, but will still come to the glass when I go check on her. Her fins seem to be the only thing damaged. I added bettafix to the tank for now. I also fixed the problem with the divider that allowed them to get to each other.

This is my first attempt at a sorority. My question may be stupid, but since I don't know, I wanted to ask. Will the girl that beat up Abba (oddly her name is Angel) have a vendetta against her, when I put them in the 25, now that she has already gone after her once?
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awesome info!!..:D
thanks heaps for that!..So do i need to go out nd buy 2more females?
cos i already have 2 females, just brought today both from different places they dont hassle each other jst pretty much keep to themselves.

Also thats just a temporary tank as im moving end of june and low on funds atm to get more spacious tanks, aslo will be adding a few more plants & itams hopefully on friday..:D

My gurls
Speedy (The Big Gurl) & Kia Tere Which Means Hurry Up..Note: Shes Abit Slow So She Needs To Hurry Up lol

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Originally Posted by MrVampire181 View Post
Eh...2 weeks on average. It also varies from sorority to sorority and female to female. Using females that are sisters usually don't fight.
The little sweetie girl I have now is very aggressive. I think I'll keep her by herself and get some sisters to have in the sorority.

Does anyone have any sisters from their breeding ventures that are considered less than by valued characteristics?
I would be interested in purchasing some for pets.
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thnx this post helps a lot!
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Originally Posted by LisaLB24 View Post

All my girls!

so pretty !!!! love it
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Per popular request:


"If you have a sorority how do you keep them from fighting while you are working or out for the evening ?"

Praying helps.

Sorority girls can be nippy now and then. Try to be observant when you feed them before you go to work. If you see a storm brewing, try to 'head it off at the pass':

1. Time out a trouble maker in a fry net.
2. Protect a potential victim in a fry net.
3. Feed them a special treat.
4. Put something new to explore in the tank.
5. Take something out of the tank.
6. Keep the lights off.
7. Pray (did I mention that already)?

The worst does happen occasionally. Be prepared with fry saver nets and a QT tank, containers, salts, etc. Know how to heal wounds and how to condition injured fish. Know when and when not to panic.

I wouldn't start a sorority with less than a 20 gallon set-up. The more girls in the sorority, the less chance for 'concentrated aggression' to occur. You will need a heavily planted and decorated tank so they girls have plenty of chances to hide and escape aggression.

Fish can be added later... generally it's good to introduce a couple at a time, so the newcomer isn't singled out. There are several different methods to do this.

I reccomend QTing the newcommers until you are sure they are healthy. Then put them in a fry saver net in the sorority tank for a few days, so that all the fish are introduced in safety.

After then seperated introduction, do the full introduction. I like to do this on a water change day, when there is plenty of commotion in the tank. Net all the 'regulars' and place them in a bucket of tank water. Give them all a treat when they're in the bucket.

Some people say to re-arrange the tank before the newcommers arrive, to reduce territorial issues. I keep re-arranging as an 'ace in the hole', and use it only if I have to (so far, I haven't need to ).

Release the new girls in the main tank, and give them some time to investigate their new home. Leave the fry saver net in place. Give them a light feeding and then re-introduce the regulars, in reverse pecking order (lowest to highest). Watch the interactions between the newbies and the regulars.

If you see a fish being overly aggressive, or if a fish seems to be bullied, remove one fish (either the bully or the bullied, not both) to the fry saver net.

Wait a couple days, and try again. Repeat as necessary, until everyone plays nice.

If you have a super aggressive female who won't chill out, she may have to be housed alone or returned to the pet store. Be prepared for this senario as well.

If you can stand the roller coaster ride a sorority can be, it can be a very rewarding experiance.

There are a number of threads on this forum on this subject; if you are serious about a sorority it would be advisable to do a forum search and pull up as much info as you can...
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