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Exclamation Pinkish Lumps on Edward

My roommate and I have had our Betta Edward for a little over a year now. We change the water about once a week, and the water is at room temperature (its a plastic tank).

For a while now he hasn't been swimming around as much, he just kinda lays in the fake plant in the middle of his tank. He is still eating (Aqua Culture Betta Pellet Food) just not as much. He doesn't swim around much at all. Some times he just lays at the bottom of the tank.

Then today i noticed that he had what looked like little pink lumps on his body. Several on his back and side. I am very worried about him. Does anyone know what the problem might be or what we can do to make him better? He use to be a wonderful little swimmer and a great joy in our little college dorm room. Below are some pictures. In the second one you are kinda able to see the lumps on his side. Just want to make him better.

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First of all, bettas should be kept in at least a one gallon tank, but preferably a 2.5 Gallon. If you have a tank that small you need to keep up with the water changes, which should be extremely often (about two or three times a week). I'm not sure what the lumps are, but I would try some medicine that can be bought at pet stores. If you can't afford that, you can try Aquarium salt baths a couple times a day.
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Hello and welcome to FishForum. That tank is awfully tiny. I have the same one that I use as temporary housing. It holds less than a half gallon. I would upgrade, if you can to at least a gallon and a half. I know dorm rooms are small and you probably don't have a lot of room for a bigger tank. Critter keepers make nice homes for bettas. I have a gallon and a half one and a 2.5 gallon one. I would try changing the water every other day and see if he improvesIf he doesn't look any better after a few days then use some Jungle Fungus Clear or Jungle Fungus Eliminator.
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It may be caused by ammonia buildup, due to the small space, although I've never seen ammonia burns quite like that. As the others said, more frequent water changes are a must, and preferably a bigger home for him if possible. He's very pretty, I hope things look up for him!
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They look like a bacterial infection to me. Some Ampicillin (you can order from will definately help.
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Definitely upgrade the tank asap. Plus, the water level is so low, that has got to be about 1/4 of a gallon there. :(
Also, in a tank that small, you'd need to do water changes pretty much every other day.
I think what was suggested above would help greatly.
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omggg i didnt think people acctually bought those tiny tanks :(

thing looks awful! im sorry i cant help with the terrible looking bumps, but i agree with the rest of the above, deff water changes.
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depressed, lumps, not swimming

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