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Unhappy not againnnn (pics)

i don't know whether critter is nipping at his tail or his fin rot has come back. yesterday i noticed it looked like his tail was nipped or something, nothing too bad, so i changed his water and gave him a salt bath. today when i woke up i looked at him and there were more pieces missing. i ended up switching him back to the hospital tank and gave him another salt bath and have started treatment with bettafix again. here are 2 pictures of what his tail looks like(sorry they're pretty big), what do you think? i literally just stopped his treatment for it like a week ago, i dont know whats going on

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Could be nipping, I have a betta who's tail looked like that, and i treated him for fin rot over and over, and finally I caught him in the act of nipping his tail. Its actually at a point now that I don't think it will ever grow back, I just give him salt baths occasionally to prevent infection.
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^ exactly.

I have a rescue that the same exact thing happened to. He had fin rot when I got him, but after I treated him and he showed some regrowth he fins suddenly looked ragged again. This happened several times with me treating him as if it were fin rot, and I finally caught him in the act of biting them one day. By now I have tried EVERYTHING to no avail and I've pretty much given up hope that the issue will ever be resolved. Besides this he is happy, healthy, eats wel,l and I have had him for a year in December.

My advice is that you watch it to make sure that it doesn't get worse, as well as observe his behavior to look for signs of fin biting. If it seems to deteriorate steadily than suspect fin rot, but if it begins to heal or the fins show missing chunks only sporadically, then suspect biting. Good luck!
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