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What kind of food?

So, I have been working on my shopping list now for all of my betta supplies. I think I have everything I need. But I did want to ask, what kind of food do you guys feed your bettas? Do you prefer a specific brand? I have seen a lot of flake and pellet food, but which is the best?

Also, what about water conditioners? I found this Will it be okay?

I'm sure these questions have been asked before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on what brand of food is best!!!

My next search will be on plants! I really want live plants! I think they will be so much better than fake ones! I used to keep angels and gouramis back in the day, and used real plants. Unfortunately, I had a HUGE snail problem that came with them! This time, I'm going to go through each plant one by one! Snails suck when they take over the entire tank!!

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I've always been told and it has been my experience that pellets are better than flakes. I feed my betta Hikari Betta Bio-Gold and have been very pleased with it. My betta is always very happy to snap it up, and I think he has grown and gotten brighter since I first got him... but who knows how much of this can be attributed to the food. It could also be other things that I'm doing well. ;D

When feeding, I usually give him one pellet at a time and make sure he eats each one before giving him another one. I usually only give him between seven and nine pellets a day, usually depending on how eagerly he's eating. If he seems to be losing enthusiasm, I stop feeding him.

As for the water conditioning, I use BettaSafe. I've been pleased with it. I like the way the dropper works on it... but I'm sure that there's many other brands that would work just fine:


Hikari Betta Bio-Gold:
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I use Hikari betta bio gold. I recommend Prime or Aquasafe water conditioners.
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I usually feed my betta these:

When I open the tank, he usually cruises to the top and I feed him one pellet at a time. This after I drop some shrimp pellets for the corys.

As for conditioner, I use this:
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