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Zappa is in trouble

Good evening -
I have had my Betta Fish for about a year and a half. He is a 3 gallon tank with rocks at the bottom (local fish store starter set...) and a plastic plant as well as an old rock with holes that was found on the beach. He has a tank filter and the water is room temperature. Water is changed every 3 to 4 weeks with tap water and the Betta Fish water drops. His appetite consists of Betta Bites, Blood Worms, and organic betta Food which he loves. He has been a very happy healthy fish. About a week ago his normally healthy appetite started to taper off and he was spending an unusual amount of time on the bottom of the tank. When coaxed, he would swim at great speed around the tank but still seemed unable to get to the surface to eat. He now spends most of the time at the bottom of the tank with his nose pointed upward. His tail is curled hard to the side as though he has suffered a stroke and has lost control of his motor functions. His breathing seems labored and and I have been unable to get any food in him. I don't want him to suffer but don't have any clues as to how he ended up this way. I have been thinking about euthanasia if he doesn't improve soon to put him out of his misery in a dignified manner.
Any thoughts as to what might have brought him down?
Thanks to the collective group for any assistance.
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Sorry to hear about zappa, is there anything else you can add? Does he have any other symptoms? I mean body wise any changes in color? You can try a 50% water change for him. Does he seem bloated? I also add aquarium salt which is soothing for them. I just went through a health scare myself with Einstein having velvet but he has taken his treatment wonderfully and is back to normal. Without knowing some more specifics it would be hard to give advice i would not recommend taking it into your own hands because it could be a simple fix :)
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My DT was doing this for a few days... but with daily water changes and some melafix he got better! Now hes happier than ever. Maybe try putting him outa that tank and into something more managable you can change the water 100% every day. Maybe some saltbaths too.
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