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Question What did i do wrong?

Okay so i got my bettas from theresa's country pet ( NEVER going there for bettas again!) and both midnight AND spectrum after about 2 weeks of owning them LITERALLY no joke! they were swimming around there tank eatiing fine and then the next day they have this smoky colored stuff that lucks soft/fluffy all over their bodies and fins!And their fins were contracted giving the optical illusion that their fins were like twigs! ( yep i mean it.) They lived in a filtered and heated uncycled 2.5 gallon tank. The feeding schedule is pellets 5 days a week fd bloodworms 1 day a week and fast 1 day. the temp would be 78-81 degrees fareighnheight ( however you spell it) so what did i do wrong that killed them??? ( they were both happy and healthy when i got them especially spectrum he was active and had a super small bubblenest in his cup like 7 bubbles but still.) oh and after midnight died i did a 100% water change and rinsed EVERYTHING with hot hot water. And when i added them i poured them out of the cup into the tank. If there is anything else you need to know just ask! by the way im gonna get a female soon for my 2.5 ( from petsmart instead.) and how can i stop this from happening to her? i am actually scared to get her because i know she will get it.
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I suspect something may be in your water supply. Have you had your water tested recently?

I remember Tian-Tian got AWFUL cases of ich when I'd take him with me to my hometown; it turned out a certain bacteria in my water made older fish, like Tian-Tian, get ich sooner and faster than younger stock.
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i dont think its my water supply because i use the same water i use for my 2.5 gallon as i do my 17 gallon and i have some OLD fish in there!
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It sounds like either Costia or common Fish Fungus due to the fin inclusion. Here is a great reference drill down list from another community:

Hope this info is useful,
Giypsy & FredFish

P.S. You probably did not do anything wrong. I would advise quarantine of new fish for min 21 days before introducing them to a community. Almost every contagion will show up in that time frame. In my previous mechanical tanks when I was a kid, I practiced this religiously and never had a community disease problem. Best wishes

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