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My Betta Fish May Have Velvet?

It doesn't look like Ich but it to me looks more like velvet but I don't really know. I took a few pictures with my horrible phone camera which aren't the best but Ill upload them to maybe help in identifying if it is something disease related or if its just something he was born with. I shined a flashlight on it and it just looks shiny flakes with red and blue undertones and red spots like blood colored and then I noticed dark almost black outlining the gills. the shiny flakes go around his mouth and stops right on the gills. right now he's swimming, eating, making bubble nest but I just want to make sure before it becomes something really serious and sickens the little guy

I shined a flashlight on him and the flakes shine goldish yellowish copper with specs of a few colors like green and blue.

the pictures aren't the best but its what I could get with a phone camera and him moving around. you can see it alot on the gills and the weird coloration of dark red blue and black on the gills and it picked up some of those flaky shiny specs which if I had a better camera I could show you that it goes from one gill around his face the gills on the other side look the same. again im not sure if could just be how he was born but it looks suspicious so I wanted to ask.

also if it is something how would you go about treatment? I read that people heat water use aquarium salt and water changes and if that doesnt work anyone with any experience in sick bettas can suggest any good antibiotics I could purchase from the store?

(good old photobucket account i haven't used since I was 15 how I remembered the password and username I will never know but anyway back to the topic these are the pictures I could get)

I wish I could get better pictures but I don't have a good camera yet ;A;

EDIT: I got this picture while holding the flashlight showing round shiny spects near his gills. the specs do continue around his mouth towards the gills on the other side. again I apologize for the poor picture quality.

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I can't see anything from the pictures, but here is what DarkMoon17 says about velvet:

•Symptoms: Can be found by shining a flashlight on your betta. If it looks like it is covered in fine gold of rust colored dust then it has velvet. Clamped Fins, no appetite, darting/rubbing, loss of color, lethargic
•Treatment: It is very contagious so you should treat the entire tank. Treat as you would treat Ick. PP is also my favorite for treating Velvet.
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Honestly, the scale colors you're describing males me think that he's just going through a minor color change. The black that's "outlining" his gills is his beard. No big deal. :)
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