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Aquarium Salt Questions!

As I've mentioned in other posts, I'm new to bettas and am trying to get all the supplies to maintain optimum health for my little fishy. I've come across differing opinions on aquarium salt and wanted to see what you guys think! Here go the questions:

(1) Do you use aquarium salt all the time, or only when disease is suspected (and only in the form of a bath, in the event of disease?)

(2) Can aquarium salt disrupt the cycle in a cycled tank? (Thought I had read it mildly fought bacteria...)

(3) If using aquarium salt, should you avoid combining it with anything else? (ie: Bettafix, other medicines, Prime)

(4) Do you need to acclimate the betta slowly to water with aquarium salt, or can the fish just be put right into the water? Can the salt affect water parameters?

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!!
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Old 09-27-2009, 06:50 AM   #2 
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1) the salt is used as a prevention to diseases
2)No i dont think so but i think you should check with others
3)No it should be made for it
4)Not sure as i am also new to bettas
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Research indicated:
a) aquarium salt should be used only if you suspect bacterial disease
b) no more than a quarter tsp per gallon in a tank with bacterial bloom as supportive maintenance while treating the water/fish in this instance and this should continue for 4 wks.
c) Important: salt should be completely dissolved in your change water before introducing into your tank/quarantine container. That may require you putting the salt into very warm water to dissolve and waiting until the water is the same temp before introducing it into your tank/quarantine container.
Yep, there is a little math involved. Hope this helps.
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Hmm... I'm not sure about most of this.

When I first joined up I was told that it was good to keep them in a tank with 1/4 teaspoon of salt per gallon all of the time. So that's what I've been doing. My fish seems really happy. There's always a bubble nest at the back of his tank. Nor have I had any issues with disease, cloudy water, algae, etc.

How much or little of this can be attributed to the salt, I don't know.
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1. I use it all the time. I use 1/2 teaspoon per gallon if they aren't sick and 1 teaspoon per gallon if they are.
2. I don't think it makes a difference when cycling a tank.
3. I use aquarium salt with meds, to make the whole medicating thing stronger. It's worked successfully with me. I battled a really bad case of fin rot with JFE and aquarium salt.
4. You want to add water anyways when you're acclimating, and you deff should if he's never been with aquarium salt before. Just have the cup half full with his water, then slowly add tank water with aquarium salt and he should be just fine. =D
Welcome to the forum!!
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Thanks so much for your responses!! So we seem to agree that the fishy should be acclimated to the salt, which totally makes sense. And I'll be sure that it's 100% dissolved before I add it (if I do). And no one seems to think it will disrupt a cycle, which is so good to know!

There seem to be two schools of thought on when it's used - in instances of disease vs. constantly. I'd love to hear from more people who use it to hear how and when they do.

Thanks so much guys!
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