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Genetic Basics for Breeding Bettas

this is a great link to information i found on breaking down the gentics to breeding. i thought it would be interesting for people to have an idea of what the offspring would be between different colors and tail types.
also, keep in mind that petstore quality fish are not the same genetically as a true breeder pair. a breeder pair you purchase from a breeder will know the full lineage of those fish.

most from petsores are considered "mutts" by the industry. And it isnt 100% possible to know what their offspring will be, because you dont know what their lineage is from.

I personally dont consider any fish to be a "mutt" but im just stating that mixing any 2 fish youll never quite be sure what youll get.

also, first and foremost in breeding, IMO, answer yourself this question.....

what WILL you do with 50-200 babies? where will you rehome them?
do you have time to clean 50-200 jars EVERY day? and feed each one many, many times a day?

just something to consider..

heres the link if your interested. Betta Genetics
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Very good info!
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Nice post, and I especially appreciate the emphasis on taking care of the babies after a spawn.. I often feel, when reading posts from amateur breeders, that it's something they haven't thought through.. I personally know I will not breed my bettas as I wouldn't have the time it takes to care for the fry after they've been jarred.. not to mention finding homes for them if the spawn happens to yield over 100..
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I agree with elmo fish times 100 .
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