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A group of 6+ FEMALE bettas with this tank setup:


I'm new. I joined to get some advice about having a group of 6+ female bettas in a 40 gallon tank setup with a Fluval Aquaclear filter. I've never kept a group of female bettas but I do understand the whole alpha betta are the rulers. So this typically means 6+ female bettas gives everybody a chance to eat and be less aggressive toward one betta in particular.

I did a major fish sale of all my calico mollies and fry D: And sold my two African leaf fish after they started eating my fry as well. (They were jumping into the baby net -.-)

So here is my current setup:

-2 (F&M) Purple Passion Danios
-1 (Lonely) Decai Rainbow fish
-2 3-inch rubberlip pelico.
-3 Violetta Cory Cats

Much future plans after the new years.

I plan to rid myself of my last surviving Decai rainbow. I also plan to add for danios because of their liveliness and colors. I do plan to add more rainbows as well. How many of these fish? I don't know yet but I want your advice on what breeds of Danios and Rainbows work best with female bettas and how many pairs or fish I should keep for each breed.

I also intend to do a complete redo of the landscaping of the tank and I'm currently doing research on this as well. I'm not sure what types of live plants bettas like best or how they live their tank. Like heavily planted, hiding spots, open spots, or a little bit of everything.

I just really like the uniqueness of bettas and their various colors and fins which is why I want to add a group of them to my tank.
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In a 40 gallon you should get more than 8 females. I started having problems in my 55 gallon with my 7 females and I was advised to get a lot more females because in a large tank they are more likely to fight because the space is spread out. So I ended up putting all my females in a heavily planted 10 gallon tank and they get along much better.
So yeah, I would suggest a lot more bettas for a 40 gallon.
I had my female bettas with zebra danios and they didn't seem to be bothered by their hyperactivity at all. I'm planning on getting a bunch of purple passion danios too, and I'm super excited about it. They are so pretty and from what I saw in the store they school pretty tightly together (unless it's just because they're nervous in the store).
Anyway! You could easily have about 12-15 bettas, 8-10 PP danios, and I don't know anything about rainbow fish, so I'll let others answer that question.
That might be overstocked, though... I didn't take into account the rainbows you want to get and the cories and pleco that you have.
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Thank you. This really does help me since I love bettas. :3 It gives me an idea of what I need to do and how many I need if I get females.
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