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Cool Betta Tails & Colors listed here

Being edited by TFK TEAM

I thought it would be a good idea to have a topic that shows the different tail types and colors of bettas.

Plakats are short tailed bettas. They come in all fin types except veil tail - round tail, delta, halfmoon, crown tail, comb tail, etc.


The Plakat is a short-tailed Betta.

Halfmoon Plakat(HMPK)

where the tail has a 180 degree spread when flared but tail length is short

Crowntail Plakat(CTPK)

where the tail is either rounded or with a 180 degree spread and with elongated rays giving it a "spikey" appearance but the tail length is short.


This type of tail is long, with a long anal and dorsal fin also, and droops down from the caudal peduncle.


It is a genetic trait that causes the caudal fin to grow into two lobes rather than one.

Double Veil(DTVT)

This is a cross between a double tail and a veil tail.


The fin shape is round, rather than the straight edges of a Delta, but fuller and longer than that of a Plakat.


These are very similar to HM's but have less than a 180 spread when flared.

Super Delta(SDeT)

These are nearly an HM but not quite, Deltas are far less than an HM.


It is characterized by having the full 180 degree spread when flared, forming a "D" shape with straight edging. Dorsal and anal fins are also dramatically larger than those on other fin types.

Over Halfmoon(OHM)

This is the extreme end of the Halfmoon where the spread when flared is over 180 degrees.


It has the spread of a Halfmoon with the slight crowning of a Crowntail. The halfsuns have the tips of the rays protruding beyond the web, but not enough to be a crowntail or combtail.


They have the typical droop of the Veil tail but combined with some extended rays on all fins to varying degrees.


The rays are extended to varying degrees on all fins giving the fish a "spikey" appearance.


This type has an equal spread on either side of the fin, similar to a Round Tail, but with tail finishing in a point rather than a rounded edge.


A Rosetail is an extreme Halfmoon with excessive branching of the rays giving the tail a "ruffled" edge. If there is a huge amount of branching it can be referred to as a "Feathertail".


"Although it is an extension of the rosetail effect, the feathertail has much more than a ruffled appearance, the excessive branching actually gives it the look of feathers, with a kind of zigzag effect edge" -ibbledibble

Colour Patterns:

(HM male)
Solid- the entire fish is one color with no variations

(HM male)
Bi-Color- "The fins must be a different colour to the body to be a Bi-Colour." -ibbledibble

(D male)
Cambodian- the body is pale, almost colorless, and the fins are a solid color

(HM male)
Butterfly- the fins have distinct bands of colours

(PK male)
Marble- irregular patterns throughout the body and fin

(SD male)
Piebald- pale flesh-coloured face no matter what the body colour is

(D male)
Mask- the face being the same colour as the body rather than what it would naturally be which would be darker than the body

(PK male)
Dragon- rich strong base colour with the scales on the main part of the body a pale iridescent

(CT male)
Multicolor- 3 or more colours on the body that does not fit into any other pattern category

i thought everyone might find this useful. i did. this may not even be all of them, anyone feel free to add whatever i may have missed.

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Red (HM male)

Metallic/Steel Blue (HM female)

Royal Blue (PK male)

Turquoise (CTPK male)

Green (PK male)

Yellow (PK male)

Pineapple (VT male)

Chocolate (HM male)

Orange (HM male)

Orange Dalmation (HM male)

Purple (HMPK male)

Mustard Gas (HM male)

Wild-type (PK male)

White (HM female)

Black (CT male)

Opaque (HM male)

Pastel (HM male)

Clear/Cellophane (DT male)

Copper (HMPK male)

Albino (D male)
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Wow I this is a great thread. Thank you for posting it. Maybe it should be a sticky?
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its helped me figure out alot of the different ones i have, that were mislabeled

how does it become a stcky?
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Old 09-30-2009, 05:45 PM   #5 
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That means Bernard is a solid red veiltail.
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Thanks! I had never seen some of those tails before...rosetails are so lovely.
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NICE post!!!!!!!
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very nice post!
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Alright! It's a sticky now! Now whenever I get a new betta I won't have to dig this up through pages and pages! Thanks for making this page!
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Great info on colors and tail types!!
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Closed Thread

alex wuz here : >3

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