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Old 09-23-2010, 05:26 PM   #131 
Fire Cush
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does any one know how i post threads

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At the top of the page that lists the titles of the threads there is a tiny rectangle (looks tiny on my screen) that says New Thread and a little green page with a plus sign. You click on that to start your own thread.
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Originally Posted by nochoramet View Post
+1 for DragonFish. There isn't even a set standard anymore because ppl breed pretty willy-nilly and VT's have been mixed with all other tail types. And that's why there's such a variety. I've seen some vt's that almost look like a delta, some with round tails, and some that are pointy!

It's a terrible shame that there's no VT standard when VTs are sort of the "default" pet betta, and when they do have their own distinct (if diluted) look.

Something similar is happening with dogs -- people have overbred and poorly-bred some popular breeds so much that most people don't even know what a true one is supposed to look like! I see it all the time with labs, poodles, and schnauzers, among others. The show breeders who breed for proper type and temperament are the ones keeping these dog breeds alive.

Are there no breeders who work with VTs and who are interested in developing and maintaining a proper standard? It seems wrong for them to just get... forgotten and diluted into murkiness.
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Kitty Whiskers
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HELP ME PLEASE! Is there such a color as "Marble Cellophane" or "Yellow Cellophane"??
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Betta Slave
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Yes, there are. I have a marble cellophane myself.
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Old 09-27-2010, 12:48 PM   #136 
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Thanks! Very informative.
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Cool.... but there's a another shade of blue that is a navy blue. It's like a combo of steel blue and royal blue, w/o the shinyness or the brightness. It's my fav color on bettas.... and you dont have it here :(

Navyyyyy blue :3
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so nice of you to introduce such info :D
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the butterfly betta looks like a gold fish and u got some nice pics! i wish had some of them bettas
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Great information and pictures!
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Closed Thread

alex wuz here : >3

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