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Question Adding to Sorority

I currently have a 30g divided into 2 sections, one for my male that is 5-7 gallons and one for my females, which is 23-25 gallons. I currently only have 6 female Bettas in the sorority, so I'm wary about low numbers, and am planning on bumping it up to 8 or 9 soon. I have a Bristlenose Pleco in quarantine right now (I named him Linus. I just find that adorable XD ) and he'll be going into the girls part of the tank in 2-6 weeks (depending on how much he grows). I was curious as to if this tank would handle a small group of Bloodfin Tetras (5-9). I was going to check on Aqadvisor, but I figured I should check here first.

Note** the tank is heavily planted and has high filtration.

If anyone could get back to me on this, that would be great! Oh, and I probably won't be adding any fish (besides the new females, which I hope to soon get, and the BNP) until the New Year, when I'll actually have some money.
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I would not add other fish to your tank. I've had experience with the schoolers in a sorority and it didn't work out well :-/ I would go with some small cories if you can like Corydoras Habrosus or Hastasus. Hastasus will school mid-level sometimes as well so it's like another schooling group that also sort of cleans for you lol.
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Thanks Lil! Good to know. I wasn't sure if it would work out, so I think I'll get some more females instead- probably bump the numbers up to 10-12. I don't want them to start fighting now that they have all of this space.
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Your on the right track. Good advice from lil and panda corys have been a very good tank mate in my sorority.
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