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On side very seldom

OK, I'm a little confused as to what's going on with my betta. On Saturday I saw him chilling on his side. But he was in the direct current of the filter. He looks fine otherwise. He has a very good appetite. But he couldn't swim downward. So I fasted him. Monday I did give him one little pellet that's small and I know doesn't expand in size in water or his stomach. Then I didn't feed him anything till Tuesday night, I gave him a pea. Wednesday I gave him a pea and Wednesday evening an Epsom salt bath 1 gallon his tank water 1 teaspoon of epsom salt for 15 minutes. Then I put him back in his 10 gallon tank he shares with no one and took another gallon and 1/2 out. Put new treated 2 1/2 gallons in like I always do once a week. He has a good filter and heater. This morning I gave him 2 very small pellets that I know don't expand. Ok so my question is What's going on with him? He looks normal, color good, good appetite but just occasionaly he turns on his side not for long though he corrects himself and seems to have a real hard time swimming downward. Should I just feed him a little food everyday, maybe skip every other day, feed a pea every once and a while? Any help maybe with from someone who knows what's happening? Thanks for reading.
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Kinda sounds like what happened with my first betta, who died a few weeks ago. i mean it might not be the same at all, but at first Swish was lethargic, hid a lot, rested a lot, still ate. he started showing symptoms of disease and he got progressively worse, although he continued to swim for food until his last few days, even though he jad troubles swimming.

if i were you, i would try putting him in a smaller 1 to 3 gallon quarantine tank, with 1tsp of epsom salts per gallon, and fast him for a week. Change the water every day to every other day. if he doesn't seem to be getting better, try bumping it up to 2 tsp epsom salt/gallon.

Also I've heard in a few places on the forum that feeding peas to bettas isn't a great idea for constipation.
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Ok last night when I got home from work he was on his side a lot. I talked to an owner of a fish shop who was in business 30 something years. He said to put Bettafix by API in his tank. I know I've heard mixed reviews on medicating but his fins weren't looking great either and I'm kind of getting desperate nothing seems to be working. So I turned off his filter and put 5 teaspoons of Bettafix in his aquarium. Didn't feed him. This morning he's upright. Looks fine. I didn't feed him. I don't know if he's really fine. My question is how long should I not feed him now, I mean if he just got over what caused the swimmers bladder I don't think I should feed him again right away if constipation was the colprit. Any recommendations? Thanks for the read and advice.
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Try not feeding him for a few days..won't hurt him and might help.
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