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Old 10-04-2009, 12:51 AM   #1 
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New & already having problems...

I had a few bettas as a kid, and really missed having them around, so today I went down to petsmart and got everything I needed. I was going to get a male, but I read their little pamphlet about bettas and it mentioned that females could be kept together. It did not give any info about sorority tanks which I NOW know about thanks to this forum, so I stupidly got 2 females and put them in together. Sasha and Mimi (sashimi). Sasha is BEAUTIFUL. The prettiest betta I've ever seen. She's white with red fins and a little blue stripe on one side of her body. Mimi is all blue.

Mimi beat the crap outta Sasha. I have them separated at the moment (I put Mimi in the little cup I brought her home in as a temporary fix, for lack of anything better to house her in) but Sasha's fins are all torn to shreds. I googled and found out about melafix. Is there anything else I should do for Sasha?

I feel so guilty for not doing more research about keeping female bettas. I'm a bad fish mommy. Poor Sasha. She's just kind of hanging out in her plant. It's been a few hours since Mimi beat her up. She wasn't swimming too well after it happened but that has already improved. I imagine she's probably all off balance without her fins..?

Tomorrow I'll go out and get a 2nd home for Miss Mimi, and some melafix for Sasha. Maybe eventually I'll start a sorority tank now that I have a better understanding of how to keep female bettas together, but for now I want to just make sure Sasha is okay.
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I wouldn't start on harsh meds immediate (sorry, I've never used what you mentioned so I'm not sure how it works). I would just keep her tank very clean and warm (80 degrees F steady) and give her several aquarium salt baths a day (up to 5 a day). That should fix her right up. If she shows no signs of improvement after a week or so doing this, then maybe you can move to something like bettafix or Jungle Fungus Eliminator.
Glad you were able to find info out on the females and separate them before something worse happened. Good luck! OH and welcome to the forum!
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Please do not be so hard on yourself; this from she who blames herself first, for everything. There is no way to know what will happen with living creatures, including the humans on the other side of the water. You know now and you were observant enough to correct the situation immediately. Good job.
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aw thanks giypsy :)

this morning Sasha looks a lot perkier.
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I'm glad Sasha is doing better! Welcome to FishForum.
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Welcome to the forum! I'm so sorry that your fish beat each other up. :( Like gipsy said, don't beat yourself up about it, now you know that you can't do that. I went to Petsmart a couple days ago and they had two females in a biorb together and I was very surprised that they weren't attacking each other.
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