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Old 10-07-2009, 01:38 PM   #1 
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Local Fish Store deterioration

So went to the Local fish store on Monday. They had gotten a shipment of about 3 double tails, 4 crowntails and 2 half moons! They also had 4 "Halfmoon Twin Tails" Very cool little fish. But any way, I went back today, to scope out some plants, and of course looked at the bettas again. They mustard gas DBT's fins were nearly 50% of what they were on Monday, all these fish looked VERY healthy then. Now i couldnt even tell one of the DBT's was acctually a DBT.... The 2 Halfmoons were in good shape... still... maybe they pay better attention to them since they are charging 30 bux for them... One of the crown tails was dead, the other was laying on the floor about to die, one had sbd, very bloated and laying on its side on the top.... and lastly one didnt have an eye and looked terribly sad :( I couldnt believe how much finnage was lost from the double tails, they were so beautiful when i saw them monday! (they were just delivered friday)
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It's always sad to see this happen. Maybe you should chat about a price reduction (whether you plant on buying one or not) and propose that keeping them in better conditions would increase their profits... personally, I would only pay $3 for a rotted out betta like that!
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always terrible to see that. i went yesterday to look for a halfmoon, they all looked so pathetic i had to leave
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