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Hello, My little sister's betta has been bloated for a little while now.
I have tried the Epsom salt treatment, Fasting and changing his diet to frozen bloodworms, but nothing seems to help.

Today, while I was checking on him, I noticed that he was passing feces, but that they were white and stringy with little pieces of brown waste mixed in.
Would this indicate parasites? If so, do any of you know how to make him better?

Some info:

Tank size: 10 gallon
Heater: 76-80 F
Filter: yes
Betta Age: 3 years?
Any other fish: No
Water changes: Not super frequently as this aquarium belongs to my 10 year old sister

Note: He is not acting lethargic at all and is eating without problems.
I have been getting him to flare so that he may pass feces, and he is very vigorous and active.
Whenever I come up to the tank, he gets very excited and swims around ferociously. He doesn't act sick, but his belly is quite swollen!
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IME/O-white fecal matter doesn't always mean internal parasites-There are more internal parasites that don't cause white fecal matter than do...
Generally, all fish have some internal parasites in them all their life and will never be symptomatic-usually the fish will keep them in check with normal evacuation-along with the immune response itself. Balance is the key....the fish will take care of this- if allowed. Disruption with too many chemicals, pesticides and over stressing the fish will often disrupt this balance

You don't want to confuse normal rotund tummy with true bloat or swim bladder issues and treat needlessly.

Color changes in fecal matter are usually related to foods-white fecal matter usually means stress IMO/E.

Stress can be caused by lots of different things-from poor water quality to poor nutrition...etc.....

Since he is otherwise acting his normal self.....I wouldn't treat with anything at this point-just observe for now....That said, it sounds like he might benefit from some regular water changes.
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bloated belly, parasites, sick

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