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Help please!

I'm planning to get my fish on Saturday, so I thought I better ask this before I get him.

The pet store I buy my fish at, Aquarium World, keeps their bettas in 1.5 to 2 gallon tanks, which is MUCH better than most, and they also have heating. My problem is that, of course, they will quickly cool down on the way home in that little plastic bag. If I put them in heated water will they be OK with the change, or should I gradually heat the tank? I'm just worried that if I take too long they'll die from the cold.

Oh, and I decided what I'm going to name him! I'm going to go with Desmond from the Beatles song.
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The water should be fine on the way home. You have to acclimate them to your tank anyway, so it shouldn't harm them.
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Regardless of what water you put your betta in - you need to acclimate him or her to the new water. This is if they are new or you just did a water change...ALWAYS acclimate.
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how long is the drive from home? generally room temp water doesn't actually harm them- it only shortens their lifespan over a long period of time. so i wouldn't worry about the gradual cooling of the water on the way home and rewarming when you get there. the tank should already be set up and heated to the appropriate temp- then float the bag for a while so its the same temp. then introduce fish.
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I've walked mine home before and they've been fine.
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