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Talking Bettas

Well I love sharing stories about my bettas, and I didnt know which forum to put it in, so Ill just put it in here. Just post stories about your bettas and yada yada, I've love to hear!

Well the betta that started my obsession was Oswald. I have had many bettas before him, but I never was "bitten by the betta bug" until he came along. He was a tri-colored male crown-tail betta I purchased from wal-mart. He was so scrawny looking, so I had to take him home. He got better and was actually trained to come up at the top of the tank when the the light came on, and he usally just came up at about 7 anyway, since thats when I usally kept him. One day, I noticed a lump on his chest. He had a tumor. It got so huge he couldnt swim right. I continued to add water treatments and it shrunk, so I wasnt really concerned. Even though he was the most special betta I've yet to have, he only lived a short six months. I cried when he died, and I burried him in a shoe box. I never knew a FISH could have such an impact on my emotions.

After Oswald, I got Red Dog and Lilly. Two BEAUTIFUL bettas. Red Dog was a male red vt betta, and Lilly was a blue female combodian. They lived for 3-4 years, and when they died, it was just as bad as when I lost Oswald, but since I've had them longer and interacted with them so much, but I tried to replace them. No bettas ever had such an impact on me. They've had more of an impact than some of my dogs/cats have.

Now I have Elaine as most of you probably already know xD She is growing good and is very healthy, and I hope she will live a long and happy life with me like my others have <3

I want to breed bettas, atleast just once, to see what the experiance is like. I think Im gonna wait until next summer.... First I have to set up my bigger tank for Elaine x) I cant wait, so much decor and plants to choose from~! :D
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Awww, what a wonderful story! Oswald sounded like a beauty! ^-^
Indeed, its amazing what sort of impact a fish can have! I know when I lost Shiva, my little CT girl, I was devastated.

Hmm....lets see. Well, my story starts with Sasuke the blue/Teal VT whom I purchased from a craft store a while back. He became one of my favorite fish right away when I noticed he did something my others didn't, he'd sit there and watch me, moving his head as I a dog! I was very impressed and intrigued, though my parents thought I was nuts

A not long ago I was conversing with a user who happened to be a betta addict, discussing my plans for my 20 long after I'd given away the Cichlids currently in there. Originally I was going to go with a Paradise fish and then a school of some sort of tetra....but then, on a whim, decided to try for a betta sorority after reading up about it. Went out, took the Cichlids back, got some supplies, set up the tank, got five females.....and away I went! It was all downhill from there I'm afraid though...

Got a 10 gallon for my birthday and divided it, put Sasuke in one side, then went looking for another male for the other side. Then I found Supernova.....then I went to my LPS shortly after they got a shipment of bettas and ended up coming home with Smore. Then poor Jirou....had to take him home! And Kid Flash(Wally)....He was just so unique!

You get where I'm going xDD Anyway, so far I've only lost two girls.... absolutely no clue how either died, both ended up disappearing and never found a trace....

I plan on breeding here sometime soon, just need to get a proper filter for my spawning tank and I'll start conditioning Wally and Jinx I'm so excited!
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Good luck with breeding! Ive tried several times, but failed xP
I didnt really have the proper supplies anyway. Sasuke sounds like Oswald! Thats what he would do...Ahh I miss that fish...
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I've had bettas in the past, but none really "spoke" to me besides Handsome. He was a red veiltail that lived in a small 1/2 gallon for about a year and a half, then he was moved into a 3 gallon on a whim. He lived for another year or so, which was amazing since I never changed the water.
When he died, I kind of lost interest in fish, and went without them for about 3 years. Then, this summer I was lonely and bored, and wanted to get a pet. At first, I wanted a lizard, preferrably a leopard gecko. Seeing that my petstore had very unhealthy lizards, I turned to my next favorite, corn snakes. However, I was turned away from them as well when I learned most escaped from their homes and weren't found again.
So, I was going to go animal-less, when I remembered bettas. I thought, "Oh! Well, they were easy, and fun too!" so I went online and started looking them up. I found this site and fell in love. I went out and got Deimos that weekend. After that, it was a downhill spiral. A week later I went back for Ace, then for a betta I named Thanatos. He died that weekend, due to SBD issues. The next week I went and picked up Sherbet, then Skittles, Vulcan, Devin, Shani, Bliss, Maxamillion, and Tai. I also had Laurnece somewhere in there, but he had internal parasites, and was never very healthy, and soon passed away. I'm now planning on setting up a 55 gallon sorority, which will allow me plenty more room for the :P I'm looking forward to it very much.
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When I first got into highschool, I bought two bettas. One was a blue/black vieltail and the other was a red/green one. I bought a small tank and split it between them. I never cared for them much, so unfortunately they only lasted a few months.

Of course, back then I was stupid and thought that fish aren't supposed to live long anyway. I didn't really think about getting another one, until I saw Zorro.

I really regret not doing research, since she was so special. I guess she was a red cambodian, and she had a black mask arround her eyes. That's why I named her Zorro. I kept her in a large vase, maybe 3 gallons. But I didn't heat it or change the water as much as I should have. She lasted half a year, I think. But I really feel bad about it now. She was very spunky, always swimming up to greet me and getting herself wedged into odd places. I wish I had known how to take better care of her.

Anyway, after I became better educated about keeping fish. I can't remember why I got into bettas again, though. I wanted to get a pet because I was a bit lonely here in ottawa. I couldn't bring my cat since my aunt is allergic, and she didn't like rodents. So I decided to get something I could keep in a tank. Actually, at first I wanted an axoltol. Still do, but that'll have to wait for when I move out. But I love my girls and my new guy, I hope they'll be happier than the bettas I had before.
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this is a short story, but once when my fish jojo was dying as soon as i got home, he was holding on by a thread then he died.the minute i get home. like he was making shure i was ok i still cry *sigh*I miss him =(
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Old 10-17-2009, 12:15 AM   #7 
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My first real experience with a betta was when my neighbor got one for her birthday. It died and she went and got another one. I have no idea why because she doesn't care about fish. She went on 3 vacations that year and each time I fish sat for Buddy. One day I saw Buddy laying on the bottom of his vase. I was worried that something was wrong with him so I looked up bettas on the internet. I found out that they like to rest on the bottom sometimes and that he was ok. Every time my neighbor came back from her vacation, she acted like she didn't want Buddy. The first time she waited 3 days to take him home, the second time, I carried him home and the third time I thought I'll be darned if I'm going to take him back to that woman!! I tried to educate her on how to care for him properly. She didn't want to change the water in a half gallon once a week and he was just going to have to be haopy with a water change once a month. He wasn't made of gold and could easily be replaced, she said! So I kept him. Buddy had a great personality and liked to jump for his food. He would look right at me when I talked to him, as if he could understand everything I said to him. When he was dying, whenever I looked at him and talked to him, he would wave his little pectoral fins as if he was acknowledging that I was talking to him. He was such a sweetheart and will always be special to me. I consider him my first betta. I got one right after I fish sat for him the first time but I will always consider Buddy as my first.
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