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My fish is two and a half years old. We left for vacation and I gave him a seven day feeder tablet. When I came home Saturday, his color looked green ( he is usually blue) he looks like he is standing on his tail at the bottom of the bowl. I changed his water twice this week and gave him his normal food. He has not ate any of it. We have had a change in the weather and I am wondering if he is cold or if there was something wrong with the feeder tablet I gave him ( i have used them in the past with sucess) I am sending my husband to town to get a heater
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make sure you have clean, warm water, i would fast him for a day then try some daphnia to clean his system out.......... next time you go out of town, it would probably be better to just not feed him rather than those fish feeders, i leave town all the time and mine is fine for a few days at a time
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-Clean the whole bowl out. Feeder tabs are notorious for polluting the water. Even without the feeder tab, you should be cleaning the bowl at least every 2 days to keep the ammonia at safe levels.

-Feed him some daphnia, or, if you can't find any, half a thawed, deshelled frozen pea. Those blocks could have bloated him.

-Keep him warm. Since your betta is in such a small container, you will need to heat your whole room in order to do this. There are simply no heaters on the market that can heat a bowl without cooking it. You are aiming for 78-80 degrees. Buy a thermometer if you have to.

Okay I hope this helps you! I'm sure he'll be alright in no time :)

In the mean time, you should check out this link to find out how to set up a lower-maintenace tank.
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thanks for the comments. Sadley he passed away yesterday...
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I'm so sorry to hear about your fish!!
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