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I'm starting my research for a new betta. I've had four, and I have pictures of them (Will upload later).
But all four of them were in those 'betta homes' Now, two of them would constantly make bubble nests, and two weren't happy and didn't make it. (I didn't know any better but now i do)
What tanks would you recommend? I do have a cat, (He likes to watch my roomies goldfish swim)
I really like the BiOrbs (?) but idk how bettas would do in those.
Any thoughts?
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Bettas need at least 2.5 gals, and makes sure it has a lid or something to prevent your betta from getting out and your cat from getting in. Biorbs...I think a few users here have them, but I don't have any experience.
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BiOrbs are awfully expensive IMHO. You can get a 10 gallon for cheaper than a BiOrb tank. Plus, I've heard many people talk of not liking them. This is one thread on it:

But if you have the money and you like it, it's really up to you. I hear they are hard to clean also.
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personally id get a ten gallon and divide it in half, one fish for each side and easier to clean and less water changes as well.
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