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I'm taking care of my boyfriend's betta fish while he's on vacation. I think the water's too cold though, and I'm not sure what to do, or what I can go out and buy. They're each (one male, one female) in their own, separate, "fish bowl" type bowl with one plant each.

Do they sell some type of heater pad/mat that I could set the two bowls on? Could I use an overhead basking lamp, like the kind they use for turtles?? I don't know what to do, but I do know my house is just too cold for them (especially at night).

Can someone advise? I'm happy to go buy something, but I think he wants to keep them in these two bowls, at least until he gets back (in three weeks).

Also, the male seems to look "patchy white" in places. Is this bad? I can't tell if it's just his normal coloring. What should I do??

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Well, you really need a heater. But, you need a larger tank for a heater. If you bought say, a 10 gallon tank, then got a heater you could float the bowls in the heated water until he comes back. Then he could just divide the tank and it could be their new (and better) home. The best temp for bettas is around 80 F give or take a degree or two.

Patchy and white? Could be an illness, stress, or just his normal coloration. A pic would help a lot.
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