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Exclamation Please help!

I've looked up everything I can find about betta illnesses, but I haven't found anything that relates to my fishes problem. First, let me give a bit of background on my fish. It's in a 3 gallon tank, room temperature water, filtered, with 2 ghost shrimp. It's lived with the shrimp for about 2 months and they haven't given eachother any problems. But 2 days ago I noticed that my fishes body is contorted. At first I just thought he was fighting his reflection, but I've been watching for a couple days now, and the best way I could describe it is that he seems like he has a crick in his neck. He's turned to his right side, which is making him swim funny, so he keeps getting too close and bumping into the glass, which then scares him so he freaks out and kind of flops around until he gets away. Nothing I can find online is helping. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Are one of his pectoral fins damaged? or is his stomach a little bloated? it could be swim bladder disorder. and you should really have a heater for him.
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these are some answers i found for you, i hope this helps.

Betta fry sometimes develop bent spines as they mature. It might be a genetic thing or possibly the result of poor water or food quality. There's usually not much you can do other than keep them in shallow water if they have trouble swimming.

If the betta is an adult who has never had this problem before, it might possibly be related to constipation. Sometimes they float or swim strangely when constipated. Is her tummy swollen? If so, try fasting for a few days. It could also be some sort of swim bladder infection, which will either make them float too much or too little and have trouble swimming.

Fish tuberculosis sometimes results in a gradual development of the curvature of the spine. A fish with this condition (fish tuberculosis with a bent spine) is often also anorexic.

Certain vitamin deficiences can result in spine curvature.

It seems that many fish nearing the ends of their lives get bent spines which usually match one of the above problems but sometimes do not.
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