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betta scoliosis

This isn't techniqly a disease but I wasn't sure where else to put it.
So some of you might know a few weeks ago I got mars. He is a crown tail who had find rot. Anyways hes doing a lot better now, but there's something ive been wondering about him for awhile.

I don't remember were but I read something about betta/fish scoliosis. How do you know if your fish has it?. I did look up pictures and im assuming that they have that S shape to there spine.

I noticed soon after I got mars when he stoped moving to rest near the top of the water his body goes into a S shape that simaler to pictures I looked at. as far as I can tell its dosnt happen all the time and only when hes near the surface resting, so basickly mostly when hes supporiting himself floating (if that made sense) And I think sometimes when he rests in general but its hard to tell since he tends to "sleep" in betwen the substrate (a loose (not enough to cover) amount of river rocks)
anyways I was just wondering about this, Im not really worried since even though hes kinda gerky when it comes to swimming and deffinitly in turning, he still gets around well and eats normaly and flares and is always interested after a water chance since everything is moved.

anyways thanks for reading and any help :) sorry if anything was confusing
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The S shape is a natural resting position, the severity of the S depends on the fish though. He most likely does not have tuberculosis or SBD but is just resting. :)
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Ok thanks :)
Thats good to know
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