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Question 20 g tankmates

I just got a 20 g and am trying to figure out what fish I could put in it. It still needs to cycle, so I have a little while to figure out what fish. But I was wondering if anyone had tried putting a betta in a tropical community tank? I heard that bettas do okay with platies, true? What about tetra? I was thinking of getting 5 tetra (either glowlight tetra, black neons, or black phantoms), 2 ADFs, platies, and then a betta. Would that work? Any other suggestions?
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All I can say from research is that male betta's might be really aggressive but as long as you provide enough hiding spaces for the community fish and avoid putting other aggressive fish in, you will be ok starting at 10G tanks. is a good place to get your info on how much stocking can your setup handle, also they will alert you of possible incompatible fish on your tank.

Also remember to research the species, some need lightly planted tanks, others need densely planted ones. Also the water params should be compatible, but I guess aquadvisor also tells you the latter.
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This may help you out:

In the end it really depends on the temperament of your specific fish. Most do alright in community tanks but sometimes some end up really aggressive.
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Corys are good. You could get a nice shoal of 4 to 6 in a 20 gal. You could have a Bristlenose Pleco or a Clown Pleco also but you would need to add driftwood for a pleco. Theres also Ottos.

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