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Originally Posted by Hallyx View Post
While you're deciding, you need to change most of the water in the 1/2 gal every day. So you need a thermometer to match water temperature of the refill water and Prime conditioner with every water change.

As for which tank....let me put it this way --- nobody I know ever wished they'd gotten a smaller tank.

This is a must read:

You'll need this when you start to cycle your large tank.
[ame=] API Freshwater Master Test Kit: Pet Supplies[/ame]
Thank you for the help! So I should go with a larger tank? Still desiding, and leaning on a 5 gal for just my little betta.

Thanks for the threads those really helped me
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Originally Posted by kman View Post
13 gal is pretty huge for a betta. Some like the extra space, others, it makes nervous, and they start biting their own tails, among other symptoms. Make sure you give it plenty of places to hide! Personally, I probably wouldn't go over 5 gals unless you're planning to keep a lot of other fish in there, too.
Thanks I wanted him to be a community first at first, but now, to save the hassle I'll leave him in peace with a 5 gal, but the bigger tanks at my local petco are cheaper than the 5 gal kit lol
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Originally Posted by FirstBetta View Post
Almost forgot my manners WELCOME to the forum!!!

Don't know anything about betta bulbs.

Some other things to take into consideration are how to monitor the temp, doing water changes, how to keep the walls of the tank free of algae.

It all depends on your betta some like large tanks others not so much. Also some bettas will tolerate other fish in their tanks some won't. One of the things that probably should be avoided is fish with long flowing fins like fancy guppies.

Is the heater in the kit adjustable?

Just me, I found that after conditioning myself to become a better betta keeper the heater, filter, etc turn out to be inadequate. I ended getting another heater, etc.

Another accessory that Is important is a method of monitoring water params. ie. water testing kit, equipment etc/
Yea that's where I can't tell right now if he would be good in a community tank, and say if he wasn't good I would be stuck in a bad situation with a few split up fish. Really leaning on just keeping him alone.

I might end up getting a separate heater due to seeing that cheap heaters (usually ones that come in kits or some sort) aren't very reliable and rather get a separate one that is. Any recommendations on heaters and where I could get them?
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I have 3 Hydor Theo 25W heaters in my 5.5G Betta tanks. They have been in use fo 1 to 8 months with no problems. Just be aware that almost all aquarium heaters require the use of a thermometer to acrually set the temp accurately. The inaccuracy is dur to the common use of a bimetallic controller in the heaterd.
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