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Worried new Betta has fin rot help!

I got Sushi on Friday night, and got him setup in his new 6 gal tank on Saturday (tank is currently being cycled, bad thing I know I know). On Monday I noticed that it looks like he may be losing part of his anal fin. I did a 33% water flush yesterday and tested, ammonia was in the range of .5 to 1ppm. Today I did a salt bath and then changed 50% of the water in the tank. Ammonia levels are still around the same as they were yesterday. Tank stays between 80-82 degrees and it is a 6 gallon tank. Is this actually fin rot or is he could he be ripping his fins on the plants in the tank with him? If it is I want to catch and treat early, he is very active and eats normally. Pictures of the him from tonight are below.

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from the plant that i could see in the tank its unlikely its tearing them.

he looks like hes got finrot to me. i would suggest using aquarium salt in his tank all the time not just for salt baths. also you could use some melafix, it aids in healing fins. I have used this in my betta sorority tank for the fins that have gotten nipped and all are healed nicely and quickly.

also, just my opinion, but you might want to lower his heater temperature. i keep mine at 78 year round, i always use aquarium salt just remember that salt never evaporates, so you only add salt when you replace. water and only for the amount of water that you actually replace. salt provides electrolytes and can aid in healing as well as prevention.
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I agree with Christina.
(lol, it's weird typing my own name when referring to someone else)
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