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k stiles
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Red face so confused

Okay, my Betta Lync used to have a live plant in his bowl, but the day I put it in he stoped making bubble nests. 3 days ago I took it out (It started to split, and make a mess in the bowl, But he started making bubble nests right away! Isn't it when they have a hiding place, they make a bubble nest (males). I just recently put a big chunk of amethist in Akiro's bowl (he dosen't care he makes bubble nests anyway whatever I throw in there, as long as it's not live/: he is normal) anywayhe really has never been happier without the hiding place, why is this!?
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I'm curious about this too. Claude blew a bubble nest whe nI first got him, but after the WC I added another silk plant and he hasn't made another.

Maybe he just didn't like that plant, but would prefer another hiding place?
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Bubble-nesting is an instinct and nothing more. Definitely not an indicator of how 'happy' a betta is.

For both of you, perhaps the new furniture provided some good amusement for your bettas, dstracting them from nesting. It could also be the case that they have been 'fooled' into thinking that they are in a new territory, since their surraoundings have changed, in which case they may resume nesting as soon as they establish the new digs as 'theirs'.
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i agree, i think they just need adjusting time to new things in their tanks
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