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I've got a five gallon tank, which my one male betta has been living in quite happily for about a year and a half. But, my plants (fake) and rocks and whatnot tend to get a bit messy more quickly than I like. Plus I think my betta could use a buddy.

So, I was wondering about snails. I tried doing one of my dwarf frogs from a different tank at one point, but every time he surfaced, my betta chased him. And he seemed stressed, so I removed him. This was about a year ago, and my fish has calmed down a bit since then.

I don't know much about snails, since I've never had one before. So I was just after some suggestions. Since I don't have my other tank anymore, and if the snail won't be all right in there, I can't move him out like I did with the frog.
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I'd go for a Nerite Snail (aka Zebra Snail).

-They are non-hermaphoditic, so you need a male and a female to reproduce
-Even then they will only breed in brackish water
-They are hands down the best algae eating snail
-They're plant-safe
-They are not as bad as other snails as far as waste goes
-They look quite spiffy!

They are not at big as apple snails or mystery snails, but in a 5g you could get three-- just be sure to feed them a bit of lettuce now and then so they won't starve when they finish up all the algae.
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