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Feeding issue

Hey all, so I just put my Betta in a 20 G tank with 5 black neon tetras. No compatibility issues so far, they pretty much just ignore each other, but I have had a feeding issue. I feed the tetras flakes, which they dont really eat until they get hit by the filter stream and pushed to the bottom. The problem is that my betta sees the floating flakes and is like "Hey, more dinner!!" and devours everything he sees. The only way I've been able to feed the tetras is to take the betta out of the tank for a few minutes. Does anyone have any advice on how to feed the tetras without removing my betta?

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Put the betta pellets in one corner, flakes in the other. Another good option is to go with a tropical granule such as Hikari Micro-Pellets, Hikari Micro-Wafers, Nutrafin Tropical Granules, etc. I feed my community granules.
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I have a similar problem. I have a betta with 4 cories. My betta only gets two or three pellets, which takes him roughly 5 seconds to eat. My cories eat sinking pellets which takes them 5 minutes to eat. As soon as my betta is done, he hightails it down to the cories and bullies them away from their food, carrying pellets the size of his head away with him. So, I float Tango in his tank in a small cup while the cories are eating. He's wise to it now and isn't as easy to catch but I find if I put him in the cup, then feed him there, he's not as grumpy about it. Dinner is not as fun as it used to be. :/
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