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Some questions?

Hi, I am wondering about a few things.

1. Do I need to use an air pump of any kind?

2. I am having a really hard time with the filter... I bought one but the flow is too much for the betas. I can't find a really good internal filter that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (This has turned out to be impossibly expensive already!) What else can I do? Is there a way to slow down the amount of water that's coming in or something? Ideas?

3. What are absolute necessities for the tank?
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1. No, not unless you plan to use a sponge filter. An air stone, which is what pumps are normally used for, will probably create too much current for the Betta.

2. My Betta was super sensitive to current. I recently bought this: Red Sea Deco Art Nano Filter from Petco for about $12-14. I have it on a 5 gallon tank and though it is rated for up to 3 gallons, it works VERY well. You can even adjust the flow if you need, but my current-sensitive Betta doesn't complain with it on full blast.

If you are set on an internal filter, a sponge filter would be idea. They are relatively inexpensive but require a small air pump ($10-15) and hose.

3. You will want a heater (around $12), either sand or gravel substrate ($5-10), and a filter of some type ($12-15). I think that would cover the absolute minimal necessities. Of course, you will want to add some decorations such as plants (fake are okay) for privacy. A lot of people buy small caves as well. Of course, you could make one with mug or small terracotta planter turned on it's side.
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Thank you. I have a heater. I was thinking that a good filter would be way more, its a relief that its not. I have all of my fish by themselves because the water wasn't safe for them. I have a test kit on the way! Yay! It's kind of a bummer they can't be together yet! I will look out for that filter. I have the gravel and real and fake plants (when the real plants grow I am going to take out the fake ones.)
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