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Oldfishlady...How Much Tannin?


I gathered brown, off the ground, oak leaves (in the rain, no less), brought them home and steeped them for 10 minutes. Cooled the water and now I'm ready to add it to Oliver's water, but don't know how much to add?

He's the one that got so cold at my office building and I brought him home. I have him in a holding cup (from the store) in dechlorinated water treated also with Prime and Stress Coat and one grain of Aq.Salt. He sits on a heating pad that keeps his water about 76.

His fins are really clamped and he is getting skinnier every day. When I go to feed him, he seems very eager, but he seems to spit the food out and I'm not seeing poopies in the water. He is somewhat active and has been very interactive with me..

What can you suggest?? Is tannin the way to go? How much?

Here's pictures:

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I found another thread about clamping and saw the Tx you proposed...

2 tsp aq.salt to 1 gallon dechlorinated water, add the tannin steeped from oak leaves and make 100% water changes for 10 days while he's in QT.

But I still don't know what to do about his not eating and getting so skinny... any ideas? Again, he seems really eager and interactive with me, but does appear to be spitting everything back out.
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I use 18-20 crushed naturally fallen and dried Oak leaf per gallon of premixed treatment water......the longer the tannin source steeps the more tannins released the darker the water will become every don't want to heat the leaves more than 110F since high heat can kill the antibacterial/fungal properties of the tannins....when I make the water changes with this premixed treatment water-I allow a few of the leaf bits to fall in the QT-this seems to help ease the Betta-gives them something to pick at and/or hide under/in as well as they continue to release tannins

Shake well before use and make sure the treatment water temp is pretty close to the Betta in QT water temp....if not, you can either float a second cup in the heated tank or tub of warm water- an hour or so before water changes is due or make small want to avoid any sudden extreme temp changes....

As for the treated you listed-to be honest....I don't remember what treatment I gave you-I answer a lot of post.....I use 2...Epsom salt for more internal, buoyancy, bloating type problems and Aquarium salt for more external problems like wounds, external parasites...etc......

Food-if you have access to mosquito larva-offer some rinsed and see if he will eat them or some chopped red worms, smashed steamed shrimp...etc.....

Good luck....
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I don't know what it is about the Tx water, but he just LOVES it. I've been changing his water 2x a day since he's in QT and when he gets into that "new" water with the tannin in it, it's like he stretches out and is SOOOoooo happy. It's like a drug to him or something... he loves it.

Thanks for sharing the Rx and I'm pretty sure Oliver would thank you, too!
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