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Old 11-15-2009, 07:51 AM   #1 
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Thumbs down Tell us your walmart stories!

I wanna know EVERYONES walmart story if its how you got your betta or how the workers didnt know anything. And i want them to be LONGGG Stories. I will post mine after some people do theres. THANKS :)
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Just last week I had to go to Walmart to get some fungus clear for Desmoda - after I found the product, I went over to look at the fish. It was very sad to see the bettas - almost all of them weren't moving, there was excrement and uneaten food floating in their cups, and the size of the cups - dang! They were just wide enough in diameter for the fish to turn around... that's it. The stupid thing was that they were wider at the top than the bottom - I wish it were the other way around in a way, but they were even smaller than the PetCo cups were (which are a good 6 inches or more in diameter - the fish can swim!), and shouldn't have been in them in the first place. It seemed that there were a few dead or dying bettas as well - then I realized that there were more behind the first row. I didn't have the heart to look behind as somehow I felt that they were all in worse shape than the ones in front. I contemplated shifting them around but I chickened out.

One thing I also don't like about the setup is that the display for the bettas are in an inset display stand, with a black background - I didn't even notice they were there until I really looked, and the case has five shelves with a sink under it! That is REALLY bad advertising, and what does that say for the fish? It's just saddening.

I also looked at the other fish they had in proper 2 gallon tanks - schools of oscars, cichlids, barbs, tetras, the usual bunch. Even they looked a bit shoddy - the tanks were cloudy, and I spotted a dead fish here and there.

I was too chicken to tell the salesperson off about the bettas when he came over and asked if there was anything he could help me with. I told him I was just looking. Either he felt guilty for actually seeing someone notice the bettas or what, but after I went back to the fish product aisle, which is right in view of the tanks, he was sort of sneaking around and quietly started to run a gravel vacuum in one of the 2 gallon tanks. When I noticed that, I just thought to myself, 'Hey, why don't you start with the bettas first? Come on!'

...I feel so bad for those fish sometimes.
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lol i went to walmart the other day because my heater wasnt working any here i am and i'm knowledgeable about bettas having them for most of my life, this sales associate comes up and asks if i'm finding everything all right and i answered yes and then asked if they had anything else for heaters for a 3gal tank. she asked what fish i had and i answered a betta. the lady flipped out and was like, bettas are cold water fish, they DO NOT need a heater. i was just astonished and really offended. she was like you might consider a tank that already has a light its enough heat, she pulls out a little fish bowl thats only 1gal.
you'd think that would be the end of it, but she kept on walking by saying yeah bettas don't need heaters, they'll die in too much heat, they like 68-72 degree what an idiot
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Old 11-15-2009, 01:43 PM   #4 
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The walmart employee in the fish department in my store did not even know how to tell a male from a female betta. She also told me that if I put my "male betta" which was actually a female that it would kill all the other fish in my tank. She told me NEVER to put them in any tank except by themselves. They also imply that they don't live very long. One of the costumers bought one for her daughter and said "oh well they only live for like a month anyways. won't be that much work" I just stared at her in horror thinking...what the heck do you not FEED OR CLEAN YOUR FISH!

They also have the stinkiest water I have ever smelt asides from at my local petstore which treats their bettas even worse. I just saved a new male last night because the lack of attention to the bettas in walmart is horribly apparent as his cup was cracked and his dorsal fin was almost out of the water it was so low. I luckily did not have far to drive home because a few mor hours he would have had no water.....
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Are you ready for some stories?? I hope so, lol

Yesterday when I was at Walmart, and surprisingly bought my new betta, I was looking at the fish, especially the bettas. I was practically crying when I saw a little yellow vt that could barely swim! His fins were resting on the bottom of the little cup, and when I held his cup, he swam up for a few seconds, but he layed back down soo. I was so sad for him, but my grandma said..If I'm letting you get another fish, your're not going to get one that's practically dead. I was going to argue saying I wanted a fish I could save, and I knew that the fish would be able to heal a little if I had him, but I figured I was lucky to get a betta at all. I named that little yellow guy, I hope he's still alive and finds a good home.
When I was trying to pick out a betta, I saw a dead round tail, and I couldn't stand looking at it. When a guy came and asked if I needed any help, I was so close to saying something about it, but I didn't. I put the dead one on the sink, so someone would see it, but that's all I could do.
Now this one isn'ta walmart story, but it is a petco story... I was at petco a couple weeks ago, just looking around.. And I saw a mother with 2 younger kids. The 2 kids were each holding a fish bowl. In the cart were 2 bettas..Ok, I thought, as long as they change the water enough and keep it warm enough, a bowl isn't that bad. Well, the mom was asking on how to care for a betta. A worker was explaining how the bowl should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. He said not to take the betta out, just scoop most of the water out, and put some more in. I was getting a bit angry when I heard that. She asked how often should I feed them? Worker said every couple days. I was getting mad. The worker was giver the mom terrible advice. Even though a bowl isn't a great home, it's ok as long as you clean it, but every 2 weeks? Yikes. I was so tempted to go up the them, but I'm a scaredy cat, lol. I think if I, a 13 year old, tried to give advise, they prob. wouldn't listen to me anyway.....

So, those are my most recent stories.... Sorry they were so long...
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I think in another post I said that me and the GF went to WalMart to replace one of her dead PetsMart Bettas... and we ended up changing the water in all 20 something Betta containers. We found 1 dead and about 3 were on the edge (changing the water was probably not going to help, but we did it anyway). We stood at that sink for about 45 minutes and no one ever walked by. I know they were probably watching us on camera, wondering if we were killing the fish as we stood in our scrubs cleaning and rinsing.

We ended up going to another WalMart we had visited about a week earlier. They had tons of Bettas, overflowing onto other shelves (probably 40 of them)! When we went back again there were about 10 left... you know they didn't all sell...

And just because you're 13 doesn't mean anything! Just be careful about how you start your "preaching". :)
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aww. I hate these mean people who dont know anything. They just want business. Those boobs.
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It is sad that they don't at least put a little more water in the cups for bettas at the store. When I got my betta there was one where the water barely covered him. He didn't look like he was doing so well. The betta I got was a little more active but was in about the same predicament.
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I saw the same thing at walmart. The water just barley covered a poor betta, he was on the edge of dieing, I dont think anything could have saved him. Last time I was there I sware they were all looking to me to save them. I dont understand, you cant do that to a cat or dog.
Have a fish in a small contained filthy space and barely fed? How is this not an animal curtly issue? You cant even treat livestock this bad.
but its okay to

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this is a petco story not a walmart story, sorry.
On the cups that the bettas come in it says to feed them every 3 days?!?!?! That is so ridiculous! Just look on any betta food container it says to feed twice a day.
But I will admit that I have bought my first and second female there, but most of them al look so sickly. =[

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