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Question fish isn't eating right... something has to be wrong!

okay so My Betta, Sonic hasn't been eating. All last week the most he had was about 2 pellets. He will get excited when I feed him like usual, but then chews it some.. and spits it out. I just cleaned his tank yesterday and nothing changed except I added new rocks that I washed thoroughly. He still isn't taking any pellets of food. He seems quite happy, still swimming around a lot, but his fins aren't as open as usual. They aren't closed or completely open. Also I've noticed his color has faded and he looks pale. He got more color back when i cleaned his tank. But still pale, kinda white behind his gills.. but pale. I'm not sure what this could be.. or affecting his eating.. ?? ? I don't think its a fungus, nothing is hanging off of him. Please help, and give me your opinion.. Thanks :]
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A picture would be great if it is possible.

What size tank is he living in?

He could be pale from stress due to his environment. The PH, Nitrite, Ammonia etc levels may be too high. Do you have a water test kit? My friend had a similar problem with her Betta. High ammonia was to blame (she never tested the water). The fact that you say he regained some of his color after you cleaned the tank leads me to think that something is wrong with your chemistry.

How often do you do a partial water change? I would try chaning a SMALL amount of his water out each day for the next few days.

Does the white around the gill look fuzzy? If so, it is probably a fungus, though I suggest you research "Columnaris" and see if that is what it looks like.

Also, if you have not, add some aquarium salt to your tank. It reduces stress and is good for many diseases among many other benefits. Do not use table salt unless it is non-iodized with ZERO additives. I've heard of people getting away with ignoring this rule, but I wouldn't chance it. Get the real deal, then you will have it!

How old is the Betta?

Good Luck!
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I am about to upload some pics now, another asked for what he looks like now. so I'm putting those up.
I believe its a half a gallon tank.
Yeah i thought maybe from stress.. but he seems to be getting more pale.. and this is the second week its been going on.
I don't have a water test kit.. I've never have problems with his water.. so idk if that would be it.
I change his water weekly and that has been great for him until now. I am thinking of doing a water change soon.
It doesn't really look fuzzy but just white..
I did look up Columnaris.. and it doesn't look that bad.. but kinda looks like the white on this fish ..
and in that area.. so yeah.
I just out a pinch of epsom salt in his tank last night to help it seemed to make him happier but he still isn't taking the pellets.. just chewing and spitting out.
I've had him since the end of last summer. not too long

THanks for giving me some info :]
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color loss, not eating, sick

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