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Old 01-11-2014, 01:05 AM   #21 
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Wow Rigsby's colors are sooo different, he's absolutely beautiful!

As for the name, my roommate has never mentioned one (though he is apparently taking care of it for his family that moved out west aka 3000 miles away) He always just calls him "the fish."

That water sounds horrible, and yeah, this water was actually more brown and opaque when I took him! It wasn't completely covered in scum though, I can't believe Rigsby could breath!!!

I totally agree about the tank! I'm did some online shopping to see what I could get, and I could get a 2.5gal with gravel a heater and a plant (plastic but has 5 star reviews from people who say their betas love to sleep in it) and thermometer (he's been borrowing my betta's thermometer and betta hammock) for $60 including taxes. So not bad, I could put it on credit and still pay it off before interest accumulates. Maybe there will even be an in-store deal or special or something tomorrow :) Rigsby seems to like his betta hammock!!! This fish hasn't seemed to quite get the hang of it yet, he never had anything to lean on before only gravel and a cheap st. patties day bracelet before I took him. I would need to put gravel in the 2.5 correct? or would that still be too small for gravel?

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ps: before reading your post about Rigsby and seeing the two different pictures I though they were two different fish!

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Old 01-11-2014, 01:27 AM   #23 
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Pps: (sorry it's super late here) I will definitely check out those kritter keepers! I hope they come on 2 gal +, I really don't want to put him in anything less than 2 gal. Do you think it would be an issue to put a heater in one? I wonder if it would affect the plastic and cause leaching?
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Old 01-11-2014, 01:31 AM   #24 
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You don't have to put gravel in any tank, bare bottom is fine too. Some people think bare bottom better because it's easier to clean. It's whatever is ascetically pleasing to you. Personally I think gravel makes a tank look homey. :) 2.5 gallons is definitely big enough for gravel.
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I think the med is 2 gallons, but I can't remember right now. I have a different brand that's 2.5 gallon.
They're totally fine to put heaters in! Lots of people use them as betta homes.
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Old 01-11-2014, 02:38 PM   #26 
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Thank you! It took some work to get him there but I am very proud of the progress he's made. I've heard that remark several times before too; it's amazing how much different they can look given the right conditions!

It's sounds to me like you're free to choose a name for him then, if you want. Rigsby was not the name his original owner chose for him, but I felt like he deserved a new name to go along with his new life. Just maybe don't mention it around your roommate, if you feel that might cause issues.

Another alternative to gravel would be those marbles/rock things, the ones you see for sale in the pet stores but can find for way cheaper in craft/dollar stores. I've also seen big bags in Walmart, they're usually only a couple of dollars. That might save you a little bit, but really it's what you think would look best. You could probably also find some silk plants at those places that you could use, just so long as they don't have any metal or wires in them. Plastic is good too though, one of my bettas has both silk and plastic plants and only ever sleeps in his favorite plastic plant.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's a bit shocked/overwhelmed at first! My newest rescue still hasn't quite figured it out, but he was at the pet store in a cup for eight months so I figure it'll probably take a bit more time. It's like you said about the hammock, they just don't know what those things are at first and it takes time to get used to and figure them out. It's sad, considering how much bettas love plants and things like that, but once they do figure it out it's really cute to watch them enjoy themselves exploring!

Definitely show us pictures when you get everything set up. :)

Oh, and I just remembered- I was online shopping myself recently and Amazon has a lot of really cheap plants, both plastic and silk. It's a good place to find some decor for low prices.
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Old 01-11-2014, 03:39 PM   #27 
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I have Kritter Keepers that are three gallons. I'm so glad he's doing better! And wow, TheTrojanBetta, Rigsby's transformation is amazing and inspiring! ^_^
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Old 01-11-2014, 04:45 PM   #28 
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First of all, this is a terrible story. :( I really hope you can keep that betta and give him a better life!

Also, I just found a kritter keeper online for $13 and it's 5.9 gallons! Seems like that is a nice cheap way to go.

I hope the tank and setup you've chosen work out well! Good luck, and I hope that betta continues to get better!
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Old 01-30-2014, 10:21 AM   #29 
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New Home Update!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to update you again now that I've got him in a new home! After having some crazy unexpected costs at the start of the month, I received some exciting news on monday, I not only got accepted to law school, but I got the offer from my top choice!!! (The market here is in much better condition for law grads then the states!) So I decided I could go ahead and get him a new set up because I'm now eventually guaranteed lots of funding via professional student loans hahah. I got him a kritter keeper but under a different brand name and its measurements are a couple centimetres bigger than what the 2.5 gal glass tank was showing so its nice and roomy! I got him a plant and allowed him to keep my fish's betta hammock because since my last post he has fallen in love with it!!! He sleeps on it all the time and was even building bubble nests around it consistently for the past couple of weeks!!!! :) I was unable to find a heater that was under 50w but I've been carefully monitoring the temperature and been able to keep it at 78 in the new home. The heater is the next thing on my list, do you guys suggest any specific models? The town I'm living in right now is limited to pet valu, petsmart, the smallest big al's I've ever seen and a couple mom and pop stores, so I may have to go the online route.

He has been in his new home for just over a day and a bit now and he seems to love having more room to swim around and a plant to explore. He hasn't started making bubble nests again but I'm hoping he just has to get used to his new home. I couldn't believe he could be happy in that tiny tank, so I'm hoping he can adjust and be happy now!

Appearance wise his fins have not started to regrow, but the vibrancy is spreading through his entire body and he is even starting to take on a bit of red and purple colouring which unfortunately you can't see in the photos! He also has started unclamping his fins and has even flared a couple of times.

As for the name I haven't thought of one yet, I'm not very creative haha Do you guys have any ideas? :)
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I am so happy to see him doing so well and congratulations on your acceptance! its all going well for you both.

Possibly something to commemorate his rescue or your new student position? I have a twisted sense of humor so I would end up naming him something like legal advisor or counsellor, so every time I wanted study time i could say i had to talk to my legal advisor...
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