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Old 11-19-2009, 09:58 AM   #11 
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hi sorry for intruding on ur thread but i hate to make up a whole new one for the same question.

I feed my jasper once every morning, he gets bloated (and has terrible gas after) so im afraid really to feed him twice a day. Is this still ok though to feed him once every morning...

his feeding schedual ( if i should change anything just tell me)
monday-tuesday: two soaked pellets at around 8 am
wenesday: i fast him, then after his water change one soaked freeze dried bloodworm
thursday-friday: two soaked pellets at around 8 am
saterday-sunday: two betta flakes
on holidays and his b-day: two soaked freeze dried bloodworms
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Location: Crown Point, IN
Maybe I'm doing it wrong too. I've been doing 3-4 crushed pellets (because he is too small to eat them whole) once a day M-Sa, and a few freeze dried blood worms after his water change on Sunday.
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Originally Posted by HopeInHeart View Post
I can't see the harm in trying to breed them. All of my bettas are petstore bettas and some look young. Although I don't really know anything about deformities and weak genes.

There is no doubt that pets-stores wind up with some dynamite bettas, but put it this way:

Say you bought a dog from Petland. She's really cute and when she reached maturity you thought oh what the heck... let's breed her. You breed her with your neighbors dog, who is also really cute. They make cute puppies 2 of the 5 are born blind. When the puppies are ready to be adopted, you try to sell them in the paper. They have no AKC registry, you don't know what their pedigrees are and they are a mixed breed. You cannot sell the blind puppies, but you have no room for them so as much as you hate it they go to a shelter. Nobody calls about the healthy puppies... everybody breeds cute puppies, what makes yours any different? They get older and less appealing to potential buyers. You try to give them to Petland, but they are too old for Petland's age requirements now. The only place left for them is a shelter.

See what I mean? Breeding bettas is great and educational, but you need to invest a lot of time, money and effort into picking good brood stock, paying for them, raising fry on a varied diet of live foods and then locating homes for them.
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I completely understand your point.
But I also believe that if you have homes planned for your babies you can go ahead and try.
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Ahhhh just want to clarify, kelly528, that I'm not trying to be unkind or anything. I appreciate the stand you take.
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You have to find homes for the fry whether they come from petstore stock or more "pure bred" stock.
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