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Wink Some Questions for Betta

I have 8 Gallon only Betta male fish, 100 watt heater,120 L/H filter and air blubber

Actually 2 days before when i check my tank water was looking somewhat brown. So I test water parameter and I found that 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and more than 10 nitrate. So I make 80% water change same time. Next day when I see the water was very less brown than check again for nitrate it was near 5. So I again water change for 40%.

So now I wanted to did I do right thing and what is the reason for this.

Next thing lot of time I see like very small spider net type in my water is by my betta fish and it is by betta fish than it bad or good. Another thing my betta fish sometimes sleep on my internal filter or else sleep on my heater stand why is it so ??

I also wanted to clean down surface of my tank without making problem to my gravel.

Sorry lot of question in one topic only
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Sometimes bettas find weird places to sleep. A lot of mine will sleep on the plant or underneath it. One will sleep up against the divider or on his flat rock. Do you have any plants for him/her? I wouldn't think the ideal sleeping spot for him/her would be on the filter. I'm not sure about the brown water. Hopefully someone can help you out on that. I hope he gets better!
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Maybe it's something beneath the gravel? I know if you don't clean gravel for a while, it gets really gross underneath. But if you see something that looks like a spider's web, maybe it's an algae problem?

In my 10 gal I got very long, white or clear thread-type things on my tank. I cleaned the walls with an algae scrubber and it went away.

Sleeping on the heater is okay, but I'd be careful about the filter. As already suggested, maybe a new plant or hiding spot will distract him.

Maybe if you can post a picture of your tank, it would help?
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